Should Women Let Fear Stop Them from Running?

woman running

More people are becoming health-conscious these days. We try to adopt a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy food, sleeping more, and staying active. From the many activities you can choose from to stay fit, why not consider starting a regular running regimen?

There are countless reasons for you to start running, including mental, physical, and emotional benefits. Running helps improve your immune system, shed some weight, and improve your memory. It helps boost your energy levels. It also encourages you to meet new people and allows you to contribute to society by running for a cause.

But many women are afraid of running for many reasons. You can get injured while running. This is not only because you can experience ankle sprains, pulled muscles, or stress fracture; some running injuries can require the specialty of an orthopedic surgeon in Highland. The fear is heightened after bad guys attacking female runners made the news. However, runners, especially women, should not fear and sacrifice running just for these reasons.

Here are some safety precautions to stay safe while running outdoors:

Check and carefully plan your routes

It is crucial that you plan your routes before you start running. Using circular routes are generally safer than letting your feet lead you the way. Avoid running in deserted areas and in places where there are many hiding spots. Avoid running at night. But, if you must, choose a crowded and well-lit area.

Consider a running buddy

Running with a friend can increase your safety. Can’t find someone to run with? Tell someone you trust where you’ll be heading and how to find you. Maybe this is your first time running in an area? Then consider joining a running club. They can tell you some of the safest routes to run, and you can even meet people who share the same interests. Make sure to get to know them first before trusting them.

Mind what you wear and what you bring

How you look and what you bring while running can affect your safety. Make sure to wear appropriate and well-fitted footwear. Avoid clothes that can restrict your movement, but be wary of your sportswear as some can attract unwanted attention. Invest in a runner’s pouch where you can keep some money, IDs, and your valuables out of sight. It is also wise to carry a self-defense tool so that you can easily find a way to disorient attackers and escape.

Listen to your instinct

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Your surroundings may look peaceful, and everything seems to be in order. But while running or warming up, your instinct suddenly tells you that something is wrong. Don’t brush it off. Trust your intuition and get away as fast as you can. There is no harm in paying attention to what your gut feeling is telling you. It might even save your life.

Ask for help

When faced with danger, don’t hesitate to use your voice and scream for help. If you get a safety alarm or are carrying a gadget with you, use that to your advantage and then ask for help. Report the incident to the authorities.

It’s not easy to be a woman. Danger and bad guys could be everywhere, waiting to attack. But don’t let fear make you rethink your habits. Keep this list in mind, and you can run more safely next time.

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