4 Creative Ways to Style a Small and Narrow Room

small living room in a milimalistic interior

For people living in studio apartments and small houses, it’s a challenging task to decorate the space without making it look smaller and narrower. Nevertheless, it’s not an impossible task. By choosing furniture carefully and defining a layout, you’ll discover that there are infinite possibilities in styling a small room without making it look and feel cramped.

1. Plan Furniture Layout Strategically

The key to maximizing the potential of a small room is to be wise in selecting furniture, accessories, decorations, and attachments. One way to do this is to choose furnishings that can serve a variety of purposes. When it comes to living room styling, you can switch out traditional sofas to chaise lounges sofas instead. In general, chaise lounges can serve as a more comfortable alternative for a place you can relax or sleep in.

Furthermore, there are other styles of sofas that you can buy online. For the bedroom, you can opt for a customized bed frame instead. Nonetheless, the key is to acknowledge that you need furniture that can serve multiple purposes, such as convertible pieces and personalized furnishings.

Another important aspect of this tip is the arrangement and placement of your furniture. It’s important that you think of how to strategically place your furnishings to prevent it from dominating the entire space. This will require you to consider every corner inch of the room before making a purchase.

2. Settle for a Minimalistic Design

Without the luxury of having a roomy space, there is nothing much to do but to settle with minimalistic styling. However, this doesn’t mean you need to leave your space looking bare. The idea behind the entire minimalist concept is to keep it simple. This means ditching decorative pieces that do not serve a purpose and choosing accessories that occupy the least amount of space. After all, less is sometimes more.

3. Stimulate Visual Interest

While you are encouraged to tone down on furnishings, there are other ways to make a small room appear a lot bigger than it actually is. According to New York interior designer Christina Murphy, having different lighting sources at different heights can make the room feel bigger and more interesting.

That means you should focus on making the room a brighter space. You can redirect the attention to the windows by adding unique curtains or blinds. In addition, you can accentuate your walls with gallery pictures or artworks to stimulate visual interest and avert focus from the limited space of the room in general.

4. Highlight the Room’s Features

a studio apartment in wood flooring and orange texture
Even the smallest of space has a redeeming quality. So, if you have a fireplace in the living room or a floor-to-ceiling window, be sure to accentuate that asset. The key to maximizing the potential of any room is to use its features to your advantage creatively. Whatever type of asset your small space has to offer, be sure to highlight it and make it the focal interest in styling.
Contrary to popular belief, a small space should not hinder you from decorating a room creatively. While it might seem like an impossible task at first, don’t lose hope and always remember that every room is a lot like a blank canvas; with the right type of decorations and pieces, you can still create a masterpiece.

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