Save Money When Planning Your Wedding

When it comes to wedding planning, the first thing that comes up is the cost. Unless you’ve been saving all your life for the big day, chances are you and your partner are concerned about the major expense you’re about to meet. We mean major.

Not everyone has the capacity to pay for their dream wedding. The first step to wedding planning, as a general rule, is to set a hard budgeting maximum. Determine how much of your savings you can afford to allot to this one-day affair – every single aspect of the event. If you can, ask your parents if they’re willing to pay for anything and how much. This, plus your capacity, should be your absolute maximum.

Whatever your budget is, the goal is to always get the most out of the least amount. Here are some tips on how to maximise your savings when getting wedding planning services.

Don’t Invite Everyone You Know

It might be tempting to invite every friend and family member to your wedding, but if you have limited resources, then that’s definitely not the wisest decision. If you want to save some money, limit your guest list. Invite only your closest friends and immediate family members.

Request for Wedding Help

This is where having a wide network comes in handy. If you want to avoid hiring too many vendors for your wedding, consider asking your family and friends for wedding help instead. Hiring caterers, event planners and the like will easily make your wedding budget go way up, so instead of material gifts, ask your guests for wedding help, from designing the bride’s bouquet to icing the cake.

The keyword being “ask”. Never make them feel obligated to offer their free services. At the end of the day, it’s still a favour to you. Make sure to express appreciation and gratitude for every little help that goes your way.

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Consider Holding the Ceremony at Home

Wedding events and locations can be extremely expensive, and any delay or hitch along the way can easily blow your budget. To cut down your cost considerably, have the ceremony at home. If you have the space for it, say a nice, quiant backyard, have your most creative friends help glam up the place with your preferred theme in mind.

Don’t Go Crazy with the Flowers

It might be tempting to go all out with the flowers, but you should stop yourself and consider getting just the right amount for your wedding. These flowers will most likely wilt in a couple of days, and spending too much on it is simply not practical. Depending on your preferred style, wedding flowers can cost anywhere between £500 and £1,500, a sizeable dent on your budget.

If you’re serious about cutting down cost, then consider going with fake flowers instead. No one will most probably notice, plus you will be using it for just a few hours anyway.

Always watch your budget and do not go way overboard with the planning. There are lots of ways to save on your wedding, and you definitely don’t need to have an extravagant ceremony to enjoy the big day. 

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