Social Media and Cosmetic Surgery Are Revolutionizing the Way People See Themselves

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It’s amazing how plastic surgery changed from one decade to another. Back in the 1980s and the 1990s, celebrities used plastic surgery to improve their appearances. By the year 2000, there was a new brand of celebrities in the form of the Kardashians and Jenners. They popularized cosmetic surgery so much that it became normal for people to want to look like them.

Today, social media plays an important role in how massive the plastic surgery industry has become. A Scottsdale dentist who specializes in dental cosmetics can help improve your physical appearance. In return, you will feel more confident about yourself.

On the Effect of Instagram on the Perception of Beauty

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Do you have an Instagram account? Do you follow pages that post stunning images of celebrities and models? Do you often feel that your selfies are not Instagram-worthy? You are not alone. A big part of the social media population, particularly women, feel that they should post on Instagram only when they look perfect. But what is perfect, anyway?

In the context of the plastic surgery industry, perfection is very much physical. This is why they use Instagram—the social media platform that popularized the use of filters on images—to market their products and services. Many plastic surgeons today have made their names through social media. They used it convincingly to build a huge customer base.

Through the effective use of content marketing—the sharing of images and videos—these plastic surgeons can convince ordinary people that, like celebrities, they need a nose lift, too. Or they need to look like Angelina Jolie and have puffed lips.

If you’ve ever used Instagram filters for your selfies, then you are also aware that there is a “more ideal” version of yourself. Using filters that digitally manipulate the images you upload, you get an idea of how beautiful you can be with the right enhancement tools. Plastic surgeons do not only report a massive influx of people who want to change their images. They also say that these patients no longer want to look like celebrities. They want to look like the Instagram-filtered versions of themselves.

This is good news for cosmetic surgeons. No one wants to completely change a person’s physical features for them to look like a celebrity. Wanting to look like the idealized version of yourself is an easier job for cosmetic surgeons.

However, plastic surgeons should also manage clients’ expectations. The instant gratification they receive on Facebook and Instagram makes them impatient. They want instant results. They want to look like their Instagram selves after only one procedure. The cosmetic industry needs to explain that enhancing one’s appearance takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight.

There is a good and bad side to cosmetic surgery. Some people go overboard that they couldn’t move their facial muscles anymore because of too much Botox. There is a very fine line between wanting to enhance your appearance and completely changing the way you look. Learn to tread the line carefully.

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