One Mistake People Make About Exercise

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No doubt, exercise is good for your body. Ask any expert – they’ll tell you the same thing. However, even those paved with good intentions can be harmful. Exercise is not an exception.

Exercises are Not Created Equal

Today, you’ll learn about a common but crucial mistake people make when it comes to exercise. It is to believe that all are ideal for them. In reality, exercises are not created equal.

Take, for example, people who are obese or overweight, ill or injured, or older adults. While some of the most popular workouts like high-intensity interval training or circuit training are great, they may not be the best for these groups:

1. High-Intensity Exercises Can Lead to Injuries

Injuries don’t just derail your workout plans, but they can result in complications. Consider what happens when your tear a tendon or, worse, fracture your hip or ankle? If you’re an older or sick person, recovery may be slow. You may not even fully recover from it.

High-intensity workouts can burn a lot of calories for a short period. They may even extend the calorie-burning within 24 hours, so you can skip the exercises for a day and still benefit from them.

However, because they are high impact, you run the risk of tearing your muscles and straining your joints and bones. They are particularly hurtful to the knees, especially for obese or overweight individuals.

Those who have mobility or weight issues may begin with low-impact workouts instead, such as yoga or swimming. In clinical Pilates programs available in gyms or health and wellness centers, physiotherapists can incorporate the principles of the workout to the treatment process. This way, the exercise is safe but also suitable to the needs and progress of the patient.

2. They May Not Be Sustainable

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Do you know that at least 90% of those who sign up in January for gym memberships eventually quit within three months? One reason is the activity is not sustainable.

Exercise can be unsustainable for different reasons. People become busy and put this activity in the back burner. They may find gym memberships expensive or unnecessary. But they may also quit because of the workout itself.

High-intensity workouts are short, but they can affect the body significantly. You may wake up sore the next day. For obese individuals or those with joint issues, the recovery time can be long. Before they know it, they lose motivation.

Compounding the problem is the fact that exercise is not a magical solution. People won’t lose weight or build muscles in a few weeks.

As many doctors often advise, with exercise, what matters more is consistency. Those with health issues may find it more beneficial to begin with simple low-impact exercises, such as walking until they can build endurance for tougher workouts.

Often, people forget the purpose of the exercise, which is to maintain your vitality and health even as you grow older. You are encouraged to do it, but to maximize its benefits, it’s also better to stay safe. Before you work out, get medical advice. Listen to your body and take good care of it.

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