Attractions You Should See When in Hong Kong

Victoria Peak Tram and Hong Kong city skyline

Hong Kong is a city full of glamour, adventure and luxury, that also has some of the world’s most expensive real estate. The island’s size has made real estate and space an expensive commodity, but it is more than just a financial hub. It has a number of attractions for tourists, including restaurants and small food stalls that will tickle your taste buds and shopping districts for every budget. These are some of the Hong Kong attractions you should see when you plan for a visit.

Victoria Peak

You may have seen Hong Kong’s skyline already, but seeing it from Victoria Peak is an experience unlike any other. A tram will take you to the viewing deck to get a bird’s eye view of Hong Kong’s skyscrapers, urban sprawl and nearby islands. The peak also features easy-to-follow trails with shops and restaurants where you can buy things and have lunch or dinner. The ideal time to visit is at night, to see the city lit up.

Wong Tai Sin Temple

This temple in Kowloon honours Wong Tai Sin, the deity who brings good luck and heals sickness. Say a prayer for good fortune or just walk around to free your mind of stress. You can also visit the Good Wish Garden and Hall of Three Saints during your stay. If you visit the complex in autumn, join the festivities during the temple’s festival.

Hong Kong Disneyland

The young and young at heart will enjoy a day at Disneyland. Visitors will see their favourite characters and settings from the movies. There are different thematic areas to explore, including the futuristic Tomorrowland, the rough and rugged Adventureland and Toy Story Land, from the famous movie franchise, to name a few. During your time at HK Disneyland, go on a ride or two, and watch the musicals and parades.

Dragon’s Back Hike

woman happy with hiking

Hong Kong is very urban, but it still has nature trails that will take you away from the fast-paced lifestyle of the city. Dragon’s Back is a trail you can consider for a good day out. This popular route provides you stunning views of Shek O, Mt. Collinson and the ocean. Exchange the beeping of cars for the humming of birds and rustling of leaves, and the sound of your shoes on dirt instead of asphalt or concrete. Afterwards, reward yourself with a dip in the beaches of Big Wave Bay or Shek O.

Garden of Stars

The Garden of Stars, also known as the Avenue of Stars, is where Hong Kong celebrates the city’s most famous celebrities. The walkway will remind visitors of Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. Here, you will see stars and handprints of Bruce Lee and other film stars.

Star Ferry

A ride on the Star Ferry is one of the most famous activities in Hong Kong. The trip showcases the beautiful cityscape and mountains of the city-state. The typical route is Tsim Sha Tsui to Central and back. Enjoy the breeze and soak in the views while taking a ride in the evening, the daytime or any other time in between.

Hong Kong has a lot more to offer visitors, and true adventurers will enjoy discovering all its treasures for themselves.

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