What We Can Learn from Millennials When It Comes to Self-improvement


Entitled, lazy, and compulsive. These are but just three common stereotypes many people have about millennials. With a simple internet search, you can already find lots of results discussing the negatives of Generation Y. But many fail to realize that each generation has its own set of challenges as well as lessons to share. When it comes to millennials, one thing we cannot deny is that we can learn many things about their love (or even obsession) for self-improvement.

Why millennials love self-improvement

According to a study, 94% of millennials are “resolved” in personal improvement. This is due to the reason that many people have lots of things to say about this generation. Many millennials are on a mission to prove other people wrong. They do this by improving their skills and showing other generations that not all Gen Y are slothful, privileged, and out of control. It is also because millennials have unrealistic expectations of themselves.

Student debt, credit card debts, and the Great Recession caused a great impact on Generation Y. Because of this, most millennials are shifting their focus to maintain financial stability. They do this by trying to improve their spending habits, living within their means and working more hours or having more than a single job. But this does not mean they don’t plan and have given up the thought of building their wealth. In fact, 66% of Gen-Yers believe they can be wealthy in the future.


How millennials tackle self-improvement

Generation Y has lots of tricks under their sleeves when it comes to self-improvement. For one, they strive hard to achieve better health and wellness. They make wellness a regular pursuit. They try to eat healthily, exercise more, and reduce if not eliminate their vices.

According to MarketWatch, Gen Y spends twice as much as Baby Boomers when it comes to products concerning self-care and improvement. This is even if their income is usually incomparable to the older generation. They spend time and money on new healthy diet regimens, gym membership or workout subscriptions, and even life coaching.

Millennials also have lots of expectations when it comes to healthcare. They take time to do their research before choosing a reliable doctor. They are also willing to try other alternatives and unconventional methods such as chiropractic manipulation if it means physical relief. This is because millennials believe being healthy is not just about not being sick.

Gen-Yers are also taking advantage of our current technology to better care for their health. Many millennials are into mental health wellness apps. Many of them are lonely, stressed, anxious, and burned-out. So, they use such apps to ease their mental stress, support self-management, and even ask support from the experts. Since apps tend to be more convenient and cost-effective, they use this as an outlet to keep their sanity.

Other generations find it easy to judge other generations, especially millennials. This has been a common practice, to call the younger generation out for their negatives. Each generation indeed has its own flaws. But we must not forget that each also has its own positive sides. For millennials, their willingness for self-improvement is not just to prove others wrong. Their determination to be better versions of themselves is one thing we can all admire and learn from them.

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