Sending Love from Afar: Create a Quarantine Care Package

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Due to stay-at-home measures designed to reduce the transmission of COVID-19, most people have not seen their loved ones in months. The social distancing can take its toll on you, especially if you miss your family and friends dearly. How can you express your love from afar? What if a video call is never enough?

Assembling and sending a care package can help.

Bridge the social distance between you and your loved ones in the form of a curated care box. It can have everything: novelty items from a gift store near you, fresh-baked cookies, face masks, clothes for ladies from a boutique — anything.

Before You Make Your Care Package

The key to curating the perfect care package is to strike a balance between reminding the recipient of happier times or home and offering items that prove useful to them.

Before you assemble your care package, factor shipping costs into your budget. Even the smallest care package can come with a pricey shipping fee, especially if it’s going overseas or crossing borders.

In terms of care package delivery, you can take your gift in person — just wash your hands before and after you handle the items. Also, leave a note to remind the recipient to let the box sit in isolation or disinfect it first before they open it.

Care Package Ideas

Gift Cards

Gift cards may sound like generic presents, but that doesn’t make them any less functional — especially family members in need, sick friends, loved ones with limited mobility, or people suffering the economic impact the pandemic. Consider presenting them with gift cards to car lift services, cleaning services, food delivery companies, and the like.

It’s easy to crowdsource for gift cards, especially if other members of the family or friends wish to pitch in. You can also send them digitally to avoid shipping costs and reduce contamination concerns.

Self-care Items

Everyone deserves some extra love, though only a few remember to buy self-care products for themselves. Send comfort from afar by sending items like an elegant robe, cozy socks, a warm throw blanket, or a face mask to remind your loved ones to pamper themselves.

Home-grown Snacks

People can buy chocolates or chips anywhere. Add a dash of special to your care package by sending special treats for your loved one’s hometown. It could be a soda brand they can find only in a few area stores or cookies from the local bakery.

Potted Plants

Terrarium bottle,Planted in the small garden with cactus and Miniature succulent plants

A bit of greenery livens up anyone’s living space. Fortunately, plenty of gardening or plant services ship potted plants straight to locations around the country. Choose plants that will suit your loved one’s situation. People struggling with illnesses or students living away from home will appreciate plants that do not require plenty of TLC.

A Good Book

If a loved one needs entertainment or you’re hoping to encourage a reading habit, include good books in your package. Go for light, upbeat, and inspiring magazines and books.

A care package can help you express your love from afar. Bridge the social distancing gap by sending a care package to your loved ones.

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