10 Best Gifts For Men Over 40

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Men’s tastes and preferences change as they grow older. Hence, your dad, brother, or significant other that is over 40 may no longer enjoy gifts that are best given to younger men. If you’re not sure what men over 40 like, then getting them the perfect gift might seem impossible.

But don’t worry, as there are some gifts that men over 40 will definitely love for Christmas.

1. Cigars

If they like to smoke cigars on special occasions, then you can’t go wrong with a cigar gift set. This is one of the classiest gifts you can give, not to mention a truly enjoyable one that they can use to relax with a glass of whiskey.

2. Whiskey glass set

Speaking of whiskey, a whiskey glass set is another great gift that older men would love. And we’re not talking about the cheap glassware you can buy at bargain stores–get him a beautiful glass set with a classy decanter so that he can enjoy whiskey like a boss.

3. Darkening shampoo

Graying hair is a common woe for many men in their 40s. If your receiver is in the same boat, consider gifting them darkening products such as a skin-safe hair darkening shampoo, pomade, or beard wash. However, this gift can come across as offensive if they don’t actually want to darken their hair, so make sure they do darken their gray hair and would appreciate a product that can help them do it.

4. Outdoor gear

A new fishing rod, a new tent, a fancy new multi-tool knife; if your receiver is an avid outdoor enthusiast, then getting them something that they can use while camping, hiking, or fishing will definitely be appreciated.

5. Expensive alcohol

Ditch the cheap booze. When gifting someone over 40 alcohol, you should opt for the fancier ones that are older, tastier, and a lot stronger than cheaper bottles. After all, they’re 40, they deserve that fancy bottle of Scotch now more than ever. You might also want to throw in a handsome liquor decanter to help make that bottle last longer.

6. Slim leather wallet

Most men don’t care if their wallets are bursting at the seams, but this can actually affect their posture if they carry fat wallets in their back pockets all the time; not to mention the back and neck pain that goes with it. Help your receiver prevent spine problems and give them a great gift with a slim leather wallet. Unlike regular wallets, slim wallets maximize space and stay thin even with all the money, cards, and receipts inside.

7. Grilling gift box

When a man is over 40, grilling becomes more important in his life. Help your dad, S.O., or friend become the best griller on the block with a grilling gift box. There are subscription boxes that will send samples of seasonings and spices from all over the U.S. to help expand their tastes. Alternatively, you can assemble your own gift box and buy unique spices, seasonings, and condiments online.

8. Cufflinks

fixing white shirt with cufflinks

Cufflinks are one of the easiest gifts, but they never fail to make any older man smile.

9. Plush robe

A high-quality plush robe is a great gift to give on any occasion. Careful though, they may not want to take it off again after experiencing what is basically a cloud in the form of a robe. You can even make it extra special and have their name embroidered on the robe for a more luxurious feel.

10. Stainless steel growler

Enjoying a craft beer on the go is made easier with a stainless steel growler. Insulated on the inside and outside, a stainless steel growler will help keep beer cold for hours. More importantly, the airtight seal on the lip will prevent the beer from getting flat, saving its flavor and bubbles for longer.

If you’re stuck not knowing what to gift a man who is over 40, these are the best options you can start with. Even if they say they don’t like getting gifts, they will definitely love it if you give them one of the items from this list.

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