How Your Clothes Affect Your Self-Confidence and Mental Health

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Having a trendy and stylish wardrobe may be unimportant or superficial to some, but your choice of clothes impacts your life in more ways than you imagine. According to researchers at the National Research Council of Canada, the way we look strongly influences how other people perceive us. Some people might assume that you are rich just by looking at your purse, or think that you are smart because you’re wearing a polo shirt.

These perceptions can turn into a specific way of treatment when you also display impressive communication skills. For example, if you show up on a first date wearing expensive-looking clothes, and talk while making consistent eye contact and nodding occasionally, your date will likely treat you with more respect and admiration.

Such bias may be disadvantageous to some, but we just live in a world where we are judged based on our outer appearance and personal style. However, instead of letting that reduce your self-esteem, use it as a motivation to upgrade your fashion sense. After all, what you wear can also impact your self-confidence and mental health.

Comfortable Clothing Makes You More Focused

People tend to think that comfort sacrifices style, and vice-versa. But comfort and style can totally work together. When beauty meets functionality, you’ll be able to focus more, be it on your job, a menial task, or a major project. As a result, your self-confidence soars.

The effect of comfortable clothing should be in the minds of companies when choosing uniforms for their employees. A typical uniform is unappealing and drab, making their wearers unwilling to don them outside work. Thankfully, the current looks of customized work shirts marry style and comfort, allowing companies to provide uniforms for their employees that will make them feel empowered inside and outside work.

Power Dressing Can Improve Your Mood

On days when you feel blue, don’t you get the sudden urge to dress up just to look good? Even if the clothes you pick aren’t really your style, trying them on still stimulates a thrill, which cheers you up. According to fashion journalist Camay Abraham, you should dress how you want to feel, because it would allow you to focus on how you aspire to feel, instead of how you feel. So if you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up, see how a blazer and a pair of high heels shoot up your mood.

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Formal Wear Can Make You Think More Creatively and Abstractly

If you’re wondering what makes men in suits so attractive, that’s because their clothing makes you perceive them as more professional, confident, and smart. Likewise, women who don formal dresses or gowns catch attention effortlessly and look more mature. According to a study, formal attire can make us think more creatively and abstractly, and that’s most likely the reason politicians, company board members, and diplomats always wear them.

Our Clothing Signifies How We Want to be Treated

Because our clothing affects how people perceive us, using fashion to signify how we want to be treated may be a good way to make a good impression. If you sport the latest trends, people may be more accepting of you, because you are following what’s socially acceptable at that time. Therefore, if you’ll be exposing yourself to a new environment, like a new company, school, or organisation, wearing trendy clothes may help you make friends easier.

And of course, your self-confidence and self-esteem will increase as a result. However, it’s also worth noting that you don’t have to wear what you don’t like just to fit in. At the end of the day, it’s your personality that your peers will remember, so use fashion wisely, and make sure that you are comfortable in everything you wear.

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