The Three Main Essentials for Running

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Running is a simple exercise with a whole lot of health benefits. Aside from keeping you fit and healthy, other benefits include protecting you from strokes, heart attacks, or any developing cardiovascular disease. It can also help you with your sleep and mood regulation.

With all these listed benefits, you might think of integrating running into your life. But before you do that, there are a couple of essentials that you have to consider before making it part of your lifestyle.


For people who want to run casually, running gear might not be on their minds. It’s possible that you might consider wearing some old sports shoes you have from years before and think that it’s going to be fine. However, by doing so, you leave yourself open to potential injuries while out there on the road.   The most important gear you have to look into is shoes. Using old sports shoes can cause you bodily harm while running as it’s sole might have torn from all the years you have used them.

That leaves you open to slips when running on any wet or smooth surface. So consider getting yourself a new pair of running shoes as it can protect you from such a disaster.

Another gear that you should look into is running tops. No one likes it when they use their casual shirts for running because they stick to your chest when you get sweaty. It also leaves your skin open to chafing and blisters while you are running.

When looking for running tops, look for tops that are made of nylon or polyester as they don’t absorb your sweat and stick into your chest. Additionally, make sure that the top isn’t too tight because that can lead to chafing and painful blisters on your skin. Apply the same ideas from your top when you also look for your running shorts as they fundamentally the same.

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Proper Posture

Having the proper posture is essential for every runner out there, as it protects them from all kinds of injuries. It can also help maximize the benefits you can get out of running.

The proper posture for running differs for jogging, sprinting, and when you are on a treadmill. However, the overall posture you must maintain for all these types of running is to always engage your core, keep your body straight (no tilting your head down or slumping your shoulders!), and always keep your feet flat when hitting the ground. Following this general posture can protect you from sprains and other injuries you might incur while running. It will also help engage all parts of your body while running, so you can maximize the benefits you can get from the exercise.


There will always be a chance of getting an injury from all kinds of exercises, even if you’ve been doing it for years. This goes the same for running.   Running uses all parts of the body and there is a high chance of minor bone injuries such as sprains and fractures during your early years. So looking into chiropractic care and treatment for sports injuries you might receive from running is always a good idea.

You can always nurse a minor bone injury by yourself, but it’s always good to have it checked just in case there are other complications that can sprout from the injury.   Additionally, it’s always good to bring a first-aid kit when you go out running. First-aid kits can help you nurse your injury the moment you receive it and it can also stop it from getting worse.

Moreover, it’s best that you run with someone. It’s always good to have a running partner with you especially in the moments when you get injured. They can make sure that you can get the proper care you need or even drive you to the nearest hospital if needed.

Running is one of the most fundamental exercises we can do as human beings. It is also one of the simplest exercises we can do, as we can practically do it anywhere. It helps keeps us fit and healthy for the days to come. However, it is always important to keep track of the essentials when it comes to running, as they can help you maximize the benefits while also protecting you from injuries that you might receive from exercising.

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