Self-consciousness: Why You Shouldn’t Think about Your Body Too Much

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People like to look nice. Almost everybody does. This is not vanity. That’s just how we’re all wired. We all want to look our best and be pleasant — if not attractive — in the eyes of other people.

Sure, we’ve all heard that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and we all probably believe it. After all, we all have different tastes, preferences, and perceptions about beauty and attractiveness. Physically, that is.

What one finds attractive, another might not, and vice versa. However, this is still not enough to boost our confidence enough to say that we’re perfectly imperfect and imperfectly perfect.

Many people still struggle with their insecurities and low self-esteem, believing that whatever it is they do, they will never be as attractive as those photoshopped beauties and hunks on magazines and billboards.

I wish I had a full flock of hair. I wish my eyes were bluer. I want a better tan. I want lighter and fairer skin. I want fuller lips. I hope to get washboard abs. I so badly need wider shoulders and bigger biceps.

These and many more are the typical sentiments of insecure people about their bodies and appearances. They feel that they are not attractive people because of something they lack in their bodies (or, in some cases, have an excess of).

1. Hair

Hair is supposed to be one’s crowning glory, right? But how can one feel glorious with thinning hair? A lot of people, not just men, have this problem. They’ve tried all sorts of treatment, from using moringa for hair growth to hair transplants.

Don’t let your hair — or lack of it — determine your value. What matters most is the brain underneath that scalp.

2. Arms

In a perfect world, we’re positive that you would love to always wear sleeveless blouses and tank tops. The only thing hindering you now from doing that, in reality, is your arms. We know many people who are very conscious about their upper arms that the mere sight of a well-toned arm is enough to drive them into depression.

Arms, just like people, come in different shapes and sizes. Don’t let your soft and round arm make you feel bad about yourself. Be thankful you have arms. Some people don’t.

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3. Body Hair

Let’s face it, a lot of us have a certain prejudice for hair that grows on parts other than where they’re supposed to grow, right? Because of this, a lot of people are insecure about their body hair.

If you’re not happy with having a patch of hair on your forearms, legs, or back, you can always have them removed. You can do something about it. Even if you chose not to do anything, it’s just not worth the emotional drama.

4. Thighs

When it comes to things, a lot of us want a gorgeous and well-toned pair of walkers. However, most of us don’t want to do the hard work and skip leg day altogether. But still, we obsess about them.

We get frustrated over dimply thighs even after all the cream and lotion we put. We get upset over our lack of thigh gap. The thing is, while you can do something about toning your quads and hamstrings, there are just some things that are beyond your control. The sooner you learn to accept it, the sooner you’ll have peace. ;

5. Breasts

One pretty obvious thing about breasts is that people love them. Men go crazy for them; women get insecure when they feel they’re not as gifted in that department. Believe it or not, many men aren’t as particular about breast size as you would like to think. The lie about bigger is better is just that, a lie.

Don’t draw your security from a pair of mammary glands. You have no control over how your body wants to grow its parts. There’s no point in feeling bad about your chest size or comparing it with others.

6. Toes

One of the funny facts of life is that many people get upset over how their feet look like, particularly their toes. Toes come in all forms. Some are big. Others are small. Some are fat, while others are crooked. Regardless of shape, size, or appearance, toes have the same bodily function in all people.

If you’re not happy with its appearance, you can always consult a specialist. Some conditions can be treated. Otherwise, having funny-looking toes is completely normal.

No matter your imperfections, bear in mind that your imperfections and flaws make you unique and set you apart from the rest. It makes you you.

It’s good to have high standards for yourself. Part of being a good steward of your body is taking good care of it and improving it. But it should never get to the point that it makes you feel less of a person.

You are incredibly beautiful. You are not a defective assembly-line product. You are a masterpiece.

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