Top Korean Anti-Aging Hacks for That Glass Skin Glow

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Ever wonder why plenty of Koreans have that enviable glass skin that never seems to age? While you can probably chalk it up to genetics and other environmental factors, Koreans are also known for their anti-aging beauty hacks.

So while we can’t exactly stop the clock, we can learn a thing or two about anti-aging from our Korean friends.

Wash Your Face with a Gentle, pH-Balanced Cleanser

Washing your face is vital to get rid of dirt, grime, makeup and skincare products that have accumulated on your face throughout the day. It’s also a very crucial step that will enable your skin to absorb all your skincare products more effectively.

Washing with a gentle cleanser will help preserve your skin’s moisture barrier, which is essential for making your skin more resilient to damage and dehydration. Plus, pH-balanced cleansers work best for maintaining optimal skin balance.

Get on the 7 Skin Bandwagon

The 7 skin method is very simple really. Apply seven layers of toner—can be the same toner or different ones—on your skin for ultimate hydration. You’ll need to do some trial and error to find the right amount of “skins” or layers for your skin type because some are fine with just two to three layers, while some benefit more from five to seven layers depending on how their skin is feeling.

One of the most popular and beloved toners for 7 skins is the Supple Preparation Facial Toner from Dear Klairs Korea. It is enriched with wheat amino acids for ultimate calming and hydration and has a light, gel consistency.

Exfoliate Regularly

woman applying toner on her faceChemical and physical exfoliants are an excellent way to get rid of stubborn dead skin cells. For physical exfoliants, it’s best to opt for soft sponges or washcloths. Cleansers with beads or sugar scrubs can make your skin vulnerable to sagging.

Chemical exfoliants are very effective in dissolving the bonds or glue between skin cells to reveal clean and radiant skin. For anti-aging, discoloration and overall skin health, the best chemical exfoliants include alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), such as lactic acid and glycolic acid.

Patting Products onto Your Skin Is the Way to Go

Serums contain high concentrations of active ingredients so it’s best that you pat them onto your skin for maximum absorption instead of rubbing them in. When choosing among different anti-aging serums, stick to classics and clinically proven ingredients such as retinoids and vitamin C. These stimulate collagen production, brighten the skin, increase cell turnover and give antioxidant protection.

End Your Nighttime Skincare Routine with an Overnight Sleeping Mask

Cell turnover happens during sleep and it’s when they do their best at cell recovery. It’s also the most ideal time to work on your complexion and hypermoisturize. Just apply your overnight sleeping mask to lock in all your skincare products, sleep, and you’ll wake up with beautiful and radiant skin.

But don’t forget to give the rest of your body ample TLC as well. Aside from your face, you need to take care of your neck, hands, chest and other parts that are constantly exposed to the sun. Apply sunscreen to your face and other exposed body parts regularly, and you’ll have people trying to guess your real age in no time.

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