How to Tell if Your Loved One Needs to Go to an Assisted Living Facility

Woman in an Assisted Living Facility

As your loved one grows older, you need to help them decide where they should spend the rest of their lives in peace. There are various types of facilities that can help you take care of your aging loved one, and assisted living is one of them.

Convincing your loved one to move into assisted living is difficult for everyone. But there are times when it’s much more challenging to know if you’re making the right decision in moving him or not. There are apparent signs that assisted living is a must to help your loved one recover from an accident or a sudden downturn in their health.

But in most cases, determining whether if a person truly needs permanent assisted living is a challenge. If you feel that your loved one can no longer live on their own, then it’s best to ask yourself these questions. Doing so can help you determine if it’s already time to get them into assisted living.

Has your loved one got involved in an accident?

If your loved one has fallen recently, then there’s no guarantee that it wouldn’t happen again. How long did it take for your loved one to recover from the fall? If this accident occurred more than once and he couldn’t recover after the fall, it’s a clear sign that it’s time to ask help from a professional.

Even more, it could be a visible sign that he needs help from any of the assisted living facilities here in Phoenix, Az. If you feel that they aren’t open with the idea, then do consider getting them a medical alert system. It can be helpful, especially during accidents.

Does it take a while before your loved one recovers from any sickness or accident?

a nurse in elderly care for the elderly

Longer recovery time can be a sign that he or she has a weak immune system. If that’s the case, then your loved one may need immediate care to ensure his or her health. If you notice that your loved one’s immunity is getting weaker, it’s probably the best time to speak to their doctor about it.

Providing them with full-time care through an assisted living facility can help them improve their overall health.

Is your loved one experiencing any chronic health problem?

You’ll never know when a person will have a heart attack because of their condition. So, if the person is suffering from a chronic health ailment, then moving them into a nursing home is the best option. Providing them with immediate access to healthcare the moment that they need it is crucial, especially in a life or death situation.

If they’re still mobile, then they can share their thoughts about it. There’s even a chance that they can make friends with the rest of the residents, too.

Sending your loved one to a healthcare facility is never easy. But there are times when you have no other choice but to do it for their sake. If that’s the case, then it’s best to speak to the person about it and explain it to him as clearly as possible. Doing so will help him understand why he should go to an assisted living.

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