Pre-Wedding Prep: 4 Beauty Appointments You Should Book Before Your Big Day

Having a facial a day before the wedding

You have your entire team to help you get as prepared as possible for your big day – your BFFs, chosen wedding planner in Denver, and some members of your bridal entourage. Even if you’re the type of bride that doesn’t care much about aesthetics, it’s still highly recommended considering getting all these appointments arranged for your prior to your “I do.”

Not only will these things help you feel a lot more confident on your wedding day, but these will also make sure you’ll look absolutely stunning on your wedding photos and videos. While we agree that natural beauty is still the best, it wouldn’t hurt to do a few upgrades here and there.

It’s your special day, after all. Here are some pampering ideas you might not want to miss out on:


If your skin is in great condition, your makeup will sit well on it. For any skin issues you have, and you want to address before your wedding, visit your dermatologist and ask for a thorough plan on how you can get your skin as prepped as possible.

Your chosen dermatologist can formulate the best skin routine for you, whether you’re dealing with adult acne, dry skin, or hyperpigmentation. Just make sure you do this month’s before your wedding date to allow more time for the routine actually to work.

Makeup Test

Talk as many times as possible with your makeup artist about the look you want for your wedding and make sure to do several tests. It can take a few attempts before your makeup artist can finally perfect the look you want, so be patient and clear about your instructions.

Do you want a matte or dewy look? Do you want a “no-makeup” makeup look or something bold and daring? Spend a few hours with your makeup artist discussing all the looks you think will work best on you and don’t forget to bring as many makeup inspiration photos with you as reference.


Bride having her hair done days before the wedding

Of course, you also need to spend as much time with your hairstylist as you do with your makeup artist. Other than your wedding dress, your hair and makeup are the two elements that will complete your entire beauty look for your wedding.

So, pay your hairstylist a visit several months before a wedding and do a trial. Decide if you want the classic updo or just let your hair flow naturally with some curls at the bottom.

You can even book two appointments — one for cutting and one for styling. Give your hairstylist as much time to be familiar with your hair texture so you can both come up with the most suitable wedding hairstyle.


We understand how cliché this sounds, but your smile really is the best beauty accessory on your big day. So, don’t forget to include your dentist on your list of people to visit before your wedding. Grab your phone and schedule a deep clean and a quick teeth whitening for the best results.

Be the best version of yourself on your wedding day with all these beauty must-dos!

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