Three Steps in Organizing Your Jewelry

jewelry box

How many times have you forgotten that you own a piece of heirloom ring that would have looked perfect with that outfit you had on during last night’s company party? Countless maybe? You forget about all the accessories and jewelry you have because they are always stored somewhere in an obscure section of your drawers. You just use whatever piece of jewelry you have lying around and forget all about the investments that you put into that big box of jewelry.

The same goes for your husband. You didn’t have custom wedding rings made for him just so he’ll forget to wear them. But that’s what happens when your personal things are not organized. You forget that you even own them.

Set aside a time and ready yourself for some organizational task. Your jewelry is one of the things you own that will retain its value over time. You can pass it on to your daughter, son, daughter-in-law, or granddaughter when the time comes. You’ve put a great deal in choosing these pieces of jewelry. Don’t let them go to waste by forgetting all about them just because they are not on display like they were in the mall when you got them.

Step 1: Go Through All Your Jewelry

jewelry box

The first thing that you need to do is to take an inventory of what you have. You need to know just how much drawers and trays you would need for your jewelry. This is also a good time to categorize them accordingly—size, color, material, value, and whether it’s for everyday or party use. You need to inspect each for signs of wear and damage, too. That will be the second step.

Step 2: Clean, Polish, and Repair

After you have separated the jewelry that needs cleaning, this is the time to bring it to a professional cleaner. Still, you can do it yourself with simple home ingredients that you can find in your pantry. The most basic of cleaning solutions is warm water and your dishwashing soap. Simply soak the pieces of jewelry in the solution for five minutes. Brush them gently to get into the crevices and then run them under the water again. After wiping them dry, they are now ready to be stored.

As for those with broken clasps or chain, take them to a repair shop. While you’re there, ask if they have special plastic bags that prevent tarnish. Put the pieces of jewelry there, especially those you won’t be using every day.

Step 3: Select the Organizers

There are three ways you can store and organize your jewelry: countertop, drawer, or wall. For the countertop, you need stackable boxes or organizers, as well as trays and drawers that you can line with fabric. You need to make use of the vertical space when using the countertop. You can put your everyday pieces on a cute little dish so that it’s easy for you to pick them up.

When you plan on using a drawer, you need expandable trays with divisions so that you can store your jewelry according to the occasion. Store the everyday pieces in the section where they will be easily seen, while the occasion pieces can be placed at the back part of the drawer.

If you plan on “decorating” your walls with your jewelry, invest in a wall rack that can hold up your bracelets, necklaces, and even earrings and rings. But check on them regularly to make sure that none is gathering dust or falling off the hook.

See? Organizing jewelry isn’t as difficult as you thought it would be. It’s a cool way to get your stuff more organized. It will also help protect the value of your jewelry.

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