Kids’ Play: Keeping Your Children Safe on the Playground

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Bringing your kids to the playground has always been a good idea. This way, they can play with their friends while you watch them and chat with other parents. Sometimes, though, you may doubt the playground is not as safe. That’s why it’s worth checking out if the playground equipment in your Perth location is well maintained, so you know that they’re safe to be played with. Here are some other ways you can keep your children safe at the playground:

Safe Place for Children

Take a quick stroll at the playground, especially if you’re new to the area. Check if there are safety hazards. These include broken glass, wood chips, gravel, used and contaminated syringes, and other dangerous materials for your children.

Bring your kids to a safe and age-appropriate playground. Some playgrounds are better for toddlers and younger children, while others are more suited for older kids. Find a playground according to your child’s age so you know that they can play at their own pace.

Choose the correct outfit. Make your child wear clothes that are lightweight, but don’t easily get torn or snagged. Avoid making them wear accessories like necklaces because this might cause strangulation if caught on something.

Your Role as a Parent or Guardian

Supervise your kids at all times. It’s alright to talk to other parents, but watch them closely. Kids are naughty and sometimes, they will runoff. Don’t risk them being in danger because you were too busy talking to others. Make sure you see their every move.

Check the weather. Don’t bring your kids out when there’s a storm coming or if it’s too hot. Be firm when saying no. Bring your kids to a covered playground if they insist on going out.

Kids are generally playful and they are prone to misbehaving, but they’re also smart enough to understand what you’re implying as long as you talk to them nicely. Tell them your concerns in a way they would understand. Tell them to keep safe while playing without scaring them off.

Kids at Play

Little child jumping at trampoline in indoors playground

Teach your children to play nice with others. At a young age, they should learn about respecting each others’ space. Likewise, guard them if there’s a bully. You should tell them how to be polite when they’re waiting for their turns.

Avoid playgrounds that have hard grounds like concrete or asphalt because they’re dangerous for kids, especially when they fall. Lean towards those that have soil, sand, or grass as grounds. This won’t hurt your kids as much if ever they will fall.

Be more attentive to younger kids who can’t walk that well yet because they can get into an accident easily. Report to the authorities if there’s a safety hazard on the playground so they can put it away or address it immediately.

Your kids will enjoy visiting the playground, but remember that you should supervise them at all times. They may be growing fast, but your kids are still kids and they are prone to accidents. Avoid such accidents by being vigilant and watching out for them every time.

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