Leading Lifestyle Brands Launched by Celebrities


For many celebrities, becoming a one-trick pony is unimaginable. It’s almost always crucial that they must know how to apply their talents in many ways. When they walk into a room for a casting call, they should be able to offer a lot of things on the table. If they’re actors, it would be beneficial if they also know how to sing, dance, and maybe even host. If they’re singers, it would be very good if they also know how to play many musical instruments as well as write and produce music.

But celebrities can also excel in one aspect. And that is becoming a businessman or businesswoman. As people who have worked with various people in the entertainment industry, they are the faces that brands needed to connect with the market. They are the endorsers that consumers trusted. Because of this experience, celebrities have gained a lot of knowledge from the brands that they’ve worked with.

And with this experience, they’ve honed the skill to become business owners themselves. They know the leading trends in eating healthy. They know what the public looks for when they want to use products with organic ingredients, such as the ones offered by Harmony and Wellness Philippines. Here are four successful lifestyle brands that celebrities built from the ground up.

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia

Whenever Martha Stewart is mentioned, people immediately think of upscale but wholesome cooking and baking. We think of magazines, cookware and dining ware, a TV show, and countless books. And that is a good summary of the things that Martha Stewart has done. But her brand is so much more than that. For one, it’s considered one of the first successful lifestyle brands started by celebrities. Some may even consider that it set the bar for all of the other brands that came after it.

It all started in 1990 with Martha Stewart Living. The first issue of the magazine was published in winter of that year. And it featured tips and trends for having a good holiday with our friends and families. From there, it evolved into a TV show in 1992 and various products that cater to people wishing to have a healthier and fulfilling lifestyle.


When goop was launched, people were baffled by the name. What did it mean? It’s not a word. So it didn’t give any indication of what the name stands for. But after more than a decade since its launch, Gwyneth Paltrow has turned her brand into what defines a certain lifestyle. And this lifestyle is embodied by holistic and balanced eating, working, and self-care.

goop was launched in 2008 from Paltrow’s kitchen as a weekly newsletter. Through this simple medium, Paltrow shared her thoughts, knowledge, and tips for cooking, health, and beauty. From there, Paltrow’s brand developed. She developed her website, written cookbooks, and created food and beauty products. She even has her own Netflix TV show now.


working out

Staying active is one of the things that celebrities are greatly known for. It’s not just about maintaining a figure or making their bodies more appealing aesthetically. It’s about feeling good about themselves from the inside out. Because of their popularity, they’re able to influence millions of people to become more active as well. So Kate Hudson saw a business opportunity there.

Hudson found the need for more stylish activewear that has high quality. She also found the need to make activewear accessible, unlike other more expensive brands. So she launched Fabletics in 2013. And she did this together with the CEOs of JustFab Inc., Don Kessler and Adam Goldenberg.

KORA Organics

Having healthy skin is one of the tenets of healthy living. Caring for ourselves on the outside is the key to caring for ourselves on the inside. This is what Miranda Kerr stood for when she launched KORA Organics in 2009. As one of the leading supermodels at that time, Kerr’s very knowledgeable of the importance of caring for one’s skin. So she worked with skincare experts and developed a whole line of beauty products.

Kerr’s products are rooted in various active and organic ingredients. Some of them are noni extract, rosehip oil, sea buckthorn oil, and green tea. With these ingredients, she encourages the public to rely on organic and natural products to achieve healthier skin.

Given these examples of successful brands, it’s not surprising that celebrities do know a thing or two when it comes to developing a business. What’s great is that they’re in the unique position of already having a following of fans. And these fans are instantly interested in their brands.

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