Sustainable Fashion Brands Where You Can Shop Without the Guilt

Recently, the fashion industry—more specifically, the fast-fashion label—has been at the center of controversies as more people realize their negative impacts on the environment. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has released alarming statistics showing that the fashion industry produces around 10 percent of the total carbon dioxide emissions annually. The annual water waste of the entire sector amounts to 1.5 trillion liters.

The good news is that fashion brands are working hard to reduce their emissions and use more ethically sourced materials. The bad news is that some brands are greenwashing and marketing their product to be sustainably produced.

While the fight for a better future is far from being won, consumers like you can make more informed choices where to shop, which will hopefully help the environment in the long run. By doing this, you can be sure you’re doing your part and not giving tree surgeons a hard time doing their arborist training, saving trees and the environment around them.

Fashion Doesn’t Have to Come at a Price

Now that it’s no longer a secret how much the fashion industry impacts the environment, it’s time for them to be more conscious about the environment and mean it. Being sustainable is not just a trend that these brands can pretend to satisfy their consumers in a business as usual manner, as the world’s future depends on it.

On the other hand, consumers like you can also do your research before buying the newest shoes, dresses, and handbags. You should ask yourself first if you need it and if you will keep using it for a long time or if those items you want to buy will end up in a landfill after a year. Shopping from small and independent businesses and secondhand shops can also help the climate crisis. In small acts like this, you will have lesser impacts on the environment, so you should consciously choose where you shop.

Fashion Brands Committed to Sustainability

sustainable fashion

Of course, not everyone can drastically change their lifestyles and buy everything from small and independent businesses. When you really can’t help buying new clothes, you should consider buying secondhand clothing or shopping from real green companies instead. Here are green companies that you should put in your list of favorite brands:


If you’re looking for soft clothes made from organic cotton, then Pact should be where you spend your money at. They are a socially responsible and eco-conscious brand that grows and harvests their non-GMO cotton, which they use to produce their clothes while paying their employees a living wage. The company also offers the option to ship their items to you sustainably through carbon offsetting.


Quince’s mission includes mass-producing clothes that have less impact on the environment by putting eco-consciousness in the equation during sourcing, production, and shipping their goods. You’re becoming sustainably fashionable when you buy from this company.


Becoming an eco-friendly fashionista has never been less challenging, thanks to brands like Reformation, which uses recycled and sustainable materials when producing their items. Every item also comes with some information about the footprint it has left on the world. Now, that’s the transparency everyone needs. Of course, to be in line with their mission, they also offer a fair and livable wage to their employees.


When people are eco-conscious, some forget to add cruelty-free in the equation. So if you want to buy some swimwear, loungewear, and other garments made from sustainable materials and cruelty-free wool, you should check out Summersalt.


While Outerknown is a lesser-known brand, they have been around for some years. During that time, the company has set a great example by carefully choosing its materials and training its employees to ensure that the production of their items is as sustainable as possible. Of course, they also pay their workers a fair wage, so when you buy from them, you can be sure that they do not exploit anyone in their workforce.

It’s good news that more small and big fashion brands are joining the sustainability movement. Doing every tiny bit in saving the environment now is one giant leap for humankind’s future. Hopefully, this will spark every brand’s and consumer’s interest in doing their part to curb the effects of the climate crisis while there is still time.

Do not be green-baited by brands lying to you and pretending they have joined the sustainable club. Make that lifestyle change today, and know the companies where you’re shopping from. Your choices can make the world a greener place.


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