Deep-seated Reasons a Woman Wants Marriage

woman wearing her wedding dress

A woman’s position in society has undergone a great leap. Women have gained their rightful places alongside men as career-oriented people. But, for most women, there still lies the girlish fantasies of her dream wedding. What is it about a wedding that women find so appealing?

A Special Chance to Be at Her Most Beautiful

Many women go through their lives being a plain Jane. Thus, she dreams of a day when she can be like a goddess. She dons a divine wedding dress that flatters all her curves. Her finger sparkles with a beautiful custom ring that rivals the star. Her face is an epitome of beauty and elegance. Her makeup is perfectly applied and enhances all her features. No strand is out of place in her perfectly styled hair.

It is innate for a woman to desire to be beautiful. For most women, the chance to do so even for once in their lives is their wedding day.

A Day for the Limelight

Insecurities can easily crop up in a woman’s life. Not everybody is blessed to have honey skin, the perfect curves, or the trendiest fashion. Society can be cruel in gauging women according to these standards. Most women experience becoming a wallflower once in their lives.

But, on her wedding day, she will be the star of the event. All eyes will be fixed on her. Everybody will appreciate her without comparing her to another woman. This is not about vanity or narcissism. This is more of a boost of confidence. So the idea of a wedding is exciting to a woman for this reason. It is a day when she is the most important

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The First Page of a New Chapter

When a woman is fulfilled on her own, she looks for the next chapter in her life. She is now ready to be the other half of a person. Aside from motherhood, a wedding signals one of the greatest transitions of a woman’s life. Becoming someone’s wife gives her another set of responsibilities to fulfill. It also gives her new privileges and new experiences distinct only to that role.

Some still think of a wedding as the fairy tale kind and as a start of a “happily-ever-after.” But for most, they only see it as the start of a new adventure. They are already aware of the ups and downs that come along with it.

Still Boils Down to Two Reasons

At the core of it all, a wedding day for a woman boils down to two reasons: love and security. Her wedding day is the day when she is in union with the person she has chosen to have and hold. Regardless of a woman’s career and personal stability, it is her design to be another person’s helpmeet.

A wedding is also a symbol of fidelity and exclusivity for a woman. Society is now very open to couples cohabiting. But, in her heart of hearts, a woman desires marriage. It is a public declaration of two people’s commitment to each other.

These are some of the top reasons weddings appeal to women. But unlike women of previous generations, the modern woman is willing to wait. As she does, she works to be the best version of herself.

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