Keeping the Prom Tradition Alive While Keeping Teenagers Safe

Sound system in the prom night

The prom season in the U.S. could be a few months away, but most parents are already worried about their children’s welfare during that exciting day. Every graduating high school student expects this once in a lifetime social event where they experience adulthood, especially for those who have a date. Jittery parents, however, may do some things for their teenage children to have a memorable prom night.

The prom tradition lives on

Gone are the days when festive prom nights were dominated only by fancy dresses and tuxedos. Nowadays, some teenagers going home from vacation even consider a limousine rental in Connecticut for a grand entrance to the ball. Glamorous photography sessions and preparations make a prom a highly commercialized and expensive event, but the main concern of every parent is the welfare of their children while they enjoy the night together with their friends or dates.

Most parents have a wild story or two during their prom days. Parents who have not attended the prom may get a feel of how rowdy it is by simply watching the American Pie movies. The presence of alcohol, drugs, and sex may endanger a child attending a prom. It could be common for parents to make sure that their children are safe. However, they do not want to become antagonistic or too intrusive and make a bad memory of their children’s prom night. Parents may consider planning ahead before their children open up about their upcoming prom night.

Some ways for teenagers to be safe at proms

Teen dressed up for promThere are hard facts about some of the dangers of going to prom. A published American Medical Association study revealed that at least one in every five high school females had been assaulted physically or sexually by their dates. Peer pressure could lead to children drinking too much or doing drugs. The Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and an automobile manufacturer found out that almost 75% of prom attendees were pressured by their peers to drink alcohol, and another 49% have been encouraged to do drugs.

Keeping children safe at the prom could be tricky for most parents as these grown-up wannabes do not want to hear overused words of wisdom. Some parents treat their children like adults for lighter conversations, so it would not be hard for them to give reminders like sending a text message about their whereabouts. Some parents find it a good idea to monitor their children at the prom by keeping in touch with other parents who also have children attending the prom. This may keep parents from becoming too nosy of their children’s activities at the prom.

Proms are a once in a lifetime festive event everyone should experience. There are some risks during at this party, but there are simple ways for parents to reduce or prevent them. The prom season could be a few months away, but parents ought to plan on discussing things to ensure that their children are safe while enjoying a night with their friends.

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