How to Get the Right Urn

Mortician handing the stainless urn

Planning for a departed loved one’s death and burial is definitely not easy. You have to deal with the emotional and physical stress, and the costs can be excessively high that they can even add up to the things that you’re currently thinking about. Getting a casket and having a full-on burial or memorial service can be costly these days, which is why most people turn to garden urns to keep their loved ones with them at all times.

Choosing an urn is definitely not easy, and there are a couple of things you should remember. Here, we will discuss what you should consider and remember when choosing an urn for your departed loved one.

Think About the Placement of the Urn

The first thing you should think about is where to put the urn. Are you planning to scatter their ashes somewhere special after the memorial service? Will you be putting the urn in a memorial cemetery or in an urn vault somewhere? Do you want their ashes to rest in a columbarium?

These things should always be considered, as they will affect the urn’s costs, style, and size. You can go for a cheaper urn if you are just planning to scatter the ashes, as you most likely won’t need it after. For urn burials, consider something that would not decay easily, such as marble. For columbariums and home placements, consider getting one with a beautiful style and design, especially if you are planning to display the urn.

Take Note of the Size

As mentioned, the size of the urn is important. The bigger your loved one was, the more ashes will turn out, which means that you would need to get a bigger urn for them. If you are planning to divide the ashes among several people, then go for medium-sized urns.

For people who are taller and fuller, then go for extra-large ones just to be safe. For kids, a smaller type of urn would be enough.

Decide on the Style and Material

Funeral director showing the marble urnThere are different materials when it comes to urns — marble, brass, wood, and many more. Know where you want to put the urn and how you want it to look so you can decide which material to get.

The traditional urn is made of brass, while wood gives out that warm vibe. For urns that are to be buried underground, the marble would be a great choice since they do not decay easily. For that artistic flair, make sure to check out urns that are made of ceramic, raku, and glass.

Personalize the Urn

You want the urn to be extra special and thus, you should personalize it based on your or your loved one’s taste. Most urns can be personalized by adding an engraving — to add your loved one’s birthday, date of death, and of course, their name.

Pay attention to the small details and make sure they will show your loved one’s personality, so you will be reminded of them every time you look at the urn. Choose their favorite color and have it customized the way you want it to look. Talk to your urn supplier and ask them if they personalize their urns.

Look for urn inspiration online but make sure to personalize it to your taste so it would be unique and one of a kind. You want this to be special, as this will serve as a loving memory of your loved one.

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