Four Healthy Hobbies That Older Adults Are Sure to Enjoy

senior planting seeds

Retirement is a chance to finally get the rest you deserve from working all your life. But all that lying around can get boring real fast. You’ll need a hobby to pass the time. Plus, having an active mind and body has a variety of benefits such as better heart health. After working day in and day out, you may not have had enough time for a hobby. So what can you get into to keep yourself enjoyably active?


This is a satisfying hobby that anyone can enjoy. You can plant flowers and trees that beautify your home or grow crops for healthy and delicious recipes. Apart from enjoyment, gardening also has a range of health benefits. For one, gardening is a type of physical activity. You have to dig, till, and walk around to get supplies to grow your plants properly. Even if you don’t work up a sweat, you still burn calories in the process.

Gardening helps soothe symptoms of depression and anxiety, as it is a naturally relaxing activity and helps you focus your mind on more beneficial tasks. This activity also gets you out in the sun, which provides the immune system-boosting vitamin D.

Playing Instruments


Ever had an instrument that you stopped playing before because you were too busy? Now’s the time to pick it up and learn some new songs. There are plenty of free lessons on video platforms such as YouTube. And if you’ve never played one before, give it a try. Practicing on even simpler instruments such as the ukulele can bring you hours and hours of enjoyment. A study from the University of South Florida, Tampa, also found that older adults may see significant improvement in verbal fluency and memory. The speed at which you process information may also increase when you constantly practice an instrument.


If you’ve saved a lot for your retirement, why not use it to see the world? Or at least travel to the vacation spot you’ve always dreamed of? Seeing new sights and trying out new experiences promotes brain health, according to the founder of Brain Health Center. Moreover, the socializing that comes with traveling may improve your mental health, the Global Coalition of Ageing found. You don’t have vacation leave credits to worry about, so enjoy what the world has to offer as much as you can.


These do wonders for your health. In fact, a lot of older adults participate in sports mainly for health reasons. A study from the International Review of Sport and Exercise Psychology links sports with cognitive, emotional, social, and motivational improvements in adults, too. So whether you’re looking to score some hoops or trying out your new accurate reels, you’ll see a boost in both your fitness and mental health.

As an older adult, you may get bored doing the same things at home over and over. This is especially true if you’re retired. Breathe new life into your routine by traveling, learning an instrument, playing a sport, or simply gardening. You’ll spend the rest of your life with an enriched body and mind.

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