Surface Finishing Alternatives for Gold Wedding Bands

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Most people will take considerable time picking the perfect engagement ring for their loved one. But, they do not put as much consideration into their wedding band. This is an equally important symbol of your love and making sure you pick the best is essential. Gold is the perfect option for wedding bands nowadays. When shopping for a gold wedding band or ring, the first choice you should make is its color.
Yellow gold wedding rings are a popular option for those looking for a traditional look. These have a bright luster which matches most types of engagement rings. Rose gold, on the other hand, exudes a romantic look, while white gold is generally paired with diamond engagement rings. After picking the ideal color, your next choice is the ring’s style. To create an outstanding wedding band style, include gemstones into it or incorporate a surface finish. Adding a surface finish is the more affordable option. The following are some surface finishes which work for gold wedding bands:

The Mirror Finish

This is the standard choice for gold wedding bands. In a mirror finish, the wedding band is coated with palladium and platinum polish. White gold wedding bands will have an additional Rhodium plating after their polishing. A mirror finish will wear out with time to a worn finish since it is prone to scratches. Some people prefer the character that this worn finish will add to their rings. But, if you want to restore the mirror finish, you can get a jeweler to re-polish the ring.

The Matte or Satin Finish

This is the preferred choice for couples who want an understated elegance. A matte or satin finish dulls the luster of your gold ring and creates a subdued appearance. Though scratches will easily affect the look of your finish, you can get the wedding band professionally re-polished to restore the satin finish. A rough matte finish is a variation of the matte finish which features a denser texture and is more durable compared to the latter.

A Hand-Carved Finish

This features a variety of textures which provide a rustic and rough appearance to the wedding band’s surface. The hand-carved finish often looks like rough tree bark and is more durable compared to other finishing options. Those who consider the rough tree bark appearance overwhelming can settle for a lateral ribbed finish. Both these finishes require periodic professional cleaning since dirt accumulates in their grooves.

A Combination Finish

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This is generally a combination of the mirror and matte finishes in alternating sections. In most cases, there are three sections included on the wedding band in a combination finish. Though easier to maintain compared to wedding bands with plain matte or mirror finishes, you’ll still need to periodically re-polish your wedding band.

Without the above finishes, you leave the gold in your wedding band exposed to various elements which affect its durability. When re-polishing or re-touching the finishes, always work with an experienced and authorized jeweler. This will assure you of quality work. DIY polishing and cleaning will only ruin your precious wedding band.

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