A Touch of Vintage for Your Contemporary Home

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Vintage interior designs create a feeling of elegance synonymous with classic homes of the past. But if not properly pulled off, they can make your home look “too old” or “too shabby.” Striking a balance between the nostalgia and elegance of vintage pieces can help make your interior design suit any modern home.

Before you deck your home with vintage furniture pieces, plan the design of your home first. Consider the suggestions below to reach the perfect balance between traditional and modern:

Choose Well-made Antiques

Antiques are the statement pieces of any vintage interior. Regardless of which decade is your favorite, there are still key pieces that emphasize the vintage feel of your home’s design. The unique sense of history gives your home a nostalgic and warm feeling.

But just because a piece is old, it doesn’t mean that you should include it in your design. Choose pieces that are in excellent condition. As a rule of thumb, if you don’t think that a piece can survive the daily wear and tear, a sturdier option might be better for you.

When evaluating a furniture piece, keep an eye out for the following signs:

  • Weight. The weightier a furniture piece is, the more likely it was made from natural materials instead of modern, mass-produced materials.
  • Rust or other discoloration. While a little fading or rust due to light exposure can be easily dealt with, too much rust might prove a restoration challenge.
  • Sturdy joints. Ensure if the joints are secure. If they look shaky, determine the cause. If it’s because of a loose nail, you can easily replace it. But if wood rot is the reason, it’s better to look for new furniture.

Make Your Furniture Your Focal Point

Once you’ve found antique furniture that fits your bill, make them the focal point of your room. The furniture can set the tone for the rest of your interior design. It can also make the function of your space clear. For example, a vintage wooden table emphasizes the room’s dining situation.

If this isn’t your style preference, go for larger decorative items. Use a piece of wall art or a larger mirror to carry the room. Well-kept rugs can also make a statement in your room.

Interior designAdd Vintage Details

Refrain from building your entire room around your antique furniture. Doing so might make your space feel more of a relic than a well-designed room. Pull off a classic look with modern-day pieces that showcase vintage-inspired details. Look for contemporary pieces with clean lines and a weathered finish.

When mixing traditional and modern design elements, always be consistent. Make your vintage pieces fit your contemporary home by carrying out a similar detail throughout the rooms.

Go for Vintage Patterns and Colors

Patter and shades drive home the vintage aesthetic you wish to achieve. Think about it: saturated reds that remind you of the Victorian Era, polka dots reminiscent of the 1950s, the bright colors of the wild 80s—color and patterns can add a touch of vintage to any room.

There’s a fine line between creating a time warp and paying tribute via your home’s design. With the suggestions above, you can create vintage interiors that suit your modern home.

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