The Gentleman’s Guide to Quarantine Grooming

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When you’re faced with an unprecedented lockdown, you can either procrastinate all day or spend the extra time doing things you don’t normally have time for, like self-care and grooming.

Being locked indoors may not be an ideal situation, but your body can definitely make the most of it. Below are ways you can take care of your skin and hair without the help of your trusted barber or stylist.

Shave slowly and properly

Most guys would probably plan to grow their beards during the quarantine. While a healthy beard could add a new dimension to your overall look, beard styling is so much harder than shaving. And even if you choose to grow it, you still need a regular beard trim and shape up now and then.

Proper shaving begins with exfoliation. If you don’t have a scrubber or exfoliant on hand, you can simply use soap and lather up well. Prepare your skin by washing it with warm water. Then massage your stubble with quality oil. This will keep your beard area soft and give you a smooth shaving.

Gently apply your chosen shaving product and use a clean, sharp razor. Make sure the razor follows the direction of your hair growth. Sticking to a few, careful strokes will result in a clean and smooth shave. Keep your razor clean by rinsing it under a running hot tap throughout your shaving session. Don’t forget to apply moisturizer once you’re done, and some aftershave if necessary.

Pamper your hands and feet

While handwashing is strongly advised these days, hand soaps, alcohols, and sanitizers can irritate and dry the skin.

Keep your hands moisturized by rubbing a generous amount of hand cream every time you wash your hands. This will combat the dryness and soften cracked or chapped skin.

When was the last time you had a pedicure? Dirty feet are a breeding ground for bacteria. Get rid of all the dirt by soaking your feet in lukewarm water mixed with liquid soap. Then rub them vigorously with a pumice stone or foot file to remove the dead skin, which can clog pores and cause calluses. Rinse your feet, and wipe them using a dry towel. Cut your nails using a clipper and apply moisturizer to keep your feet soft and nourished.

Give yourself a facial

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If you traveled to work daily before the lockdown, you risked exposing your skin to pollutants and harmful UV rays. This could clog your pores and lead to premature skin aging.

Ditch the expensive spa treatment and treat yourself to a nice home facial. Rinse your face with warm water and apply a gentle cleanser to unclog your pores of dirt and grime. Then apply facial scrub to rejuvenate your skin cells and prevent breakouts. Wash it off and apply toner and/or moisturizer for a final touch. Facials are meant to be relaxing, so take your time and let your skin enjoy the process.

Lockdown is not an easy experience to go through. The best way to uplift your mood is to take care of your body. Looking after yourself will not only keep your mind occupied but also allow your body to breathe, rest, and heal.

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