5 Wedding Essentials that Hearts In Love Would Be Happy to Splurge On

Wedding cake and desserts

Weddings are considered as among the most memorable occasions a man or woman could ever experience. This is why couples would be happy to splurge on five things that are very important in a wedding.

The celebration of love that transpires during a wedding is enough to give everyone lovely thoughts after that. Marriages have been viewed as a once in a lifetime occasion, which a man and a woman would normally splurge on.

After all, this often happens only once and ensuring that it becomes genuinely unforgettable is the norm rather than the exception. To make sure that your wedding turns out to be the most memorable event of the century, then be prepared to splurge on a couple of wedding items.

The Ring

Women love to show off anything that their boyfriend or husband would give them. Friends and family can expect that the bride would be so proud of the ring on her finger. She could even flood the wall of friends just to make everyone see how beautiful her micro pave, yellow gold wedding band is.

This kind of wedding ring may not come cheap, but in the long run, it will be worth every penny spent. This ring will symbolize the love which could withstand the test of time.

The Gown

If there’s one thing that guests, especially women, talk about after the wedding, it is the gown. At times, this becomes the center of attraction rather than how beautiful the bride is. Since you cannot escape comments and hopefully praise, then better make sure that your wedding gown is a stunner.

Custom-made gowns are regarded as the ideal choice since it is fitted according to the bride’s body structure. It may be costly as compared to gowns off the shelf, but the impact of custom-tailored ones makes them worth the price.

The Venue

Aside from ensuring that the gown and the ring are of the highest quality and value, splurging on the venue should not be forgotten. Wouldn’t you want to hear heavenly sighs from guests the moment that they enter the wedding venue?

An elaborate design of frills, flowers and even vines never fail to create a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of guests. And of course, don’t forget the lovely music that fills the air. Remember to keep the selection of songs in accordance with the preference of the bride and groom.

The Cake

Haven’t you noticed how many newlyweds today would spend so much on the cake just so they could earn the distinction of having the “tallest” cake? Some choose to be less extravagant, but some desire for their wedding cake to stand out.

One important thing to remember is to make sure that the cake matches the motif of the wedding. There are also cake toppers that would depict the most memorable event or the characteristics of the bride and groom.

The Food

catering food for wedding

Remember that it isn’t just the eyes that need to be satisfied; the stomach of guests must likewise be pleased. Since it is a once in a lifetime event, it would help if the food is also gastronomically satisfying. Yes, it may entail more expense, but the return would be happy guests.

They would remember how sumptuous the food choices were during a wedding. This, along with the rest of the notable things mentioned above, will create a wedding that will always be remembered.

Couples must not feel guilty when they splurge on their wedding essentials. This warrants that nothing but the best becomes a part of a celebration that often happens only once in a lifetime. Spending on a micro pave wedding band yellow gold, a nice venue, a lovely gown, delightful cake and good food would always be worth the expense.

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