Is It Worth It to Spend Your Birthday in Dubai?

Are you planning to fly to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for your birthday holiday? Are you thinking of spending your birthday in UAE’s capital Dubai? If all of your answers are yes, you made the right choice. Dubai is considered an open city where there are no restrictions, such as the wearing of the hijab and other conservative Islamic practices, despite it being in the Middle East.

And because of this openness, the Emirates is the most visited country by tourists in the entire Middle East. Furthermore, this time is probably the best time to get a UAE tourist visa after the government decided to introduce a multiple-entry tourist visa that is valid for five years. To further convince you, here are some reasons and where you should have your birthday bash in Dubai.

Why You Will Fall in Love with Dubai

With the tourist-friendly vibe of the city of Dubai, it is not surprising that many Westerners, particularly the UK citizens, flock to this Middle Eastern country. The language barrier is almost non-existent as most of the people speak the English language.

As mentioned above, Dubai is an open city, and it permits tourists to dress whatever they like. However, it should be noted that everything remains anchored on what is socially normal and acceptable. The city is also home to many shopping centers, which can make shopping addicts drool. Some famous malls include the Dubai Mall, Bloomingdale’s, and many others.

Why Spend Your Birthday in Dubai

If you are either a “shopaholic,” a partier, or a foodie, and you prefer to spend your birthday doing the things you love the most, then Dubai can make them possible for you. As already mentioned, the city is home to the most excellent malls that house famous brand names. There are also shopping areas where you can buy yourself or your loved ones back home gifts.

The Foodie Birthday

If you are a foodie, you can visit one of the many specialty restaurants in the city. Some of them are the following:

  • Play Restaurant – located at the H Hotel that offers Japanese and Mediterranean fusion cuisine;
  • Ossiano – a seafood restaurant that gives you a sense of being underwater;
  • Bread Street Kitchen – gives you the same Gordon Bread Street Kitchen in London;
  • Ibn al-Bahr – a mini outdoor restaurant that offers you a beach view;
  • Shades – a rooftop restaurant with a pool that emanates the feeling of intimacy and privacy; and,
  • Bagatelle – for French Cuisine lovers.

The All-Nighter Birthday Party

If you are a regular party-goer, you can go to one of the best nightclubs and music lounges in Dubai. Some best places include Skorpeus, the Wavehouse Dubai – the one located at Atlantis, The Palm — Observatory Bar and Grill, Miss Tess, Cavalli Club, and The 44. You can splurge cash for flowing drinks and delicious bar food and snacks.

For the Budget Conscious

If you are slightly budget conscious, but still want to experience Dubai life, you can rent out one of the many tourist hotels in Dubai. Food catering, entertainment rentals, beverage supplies, and your birthday cake are the things that should be taken care of once you have the hotel.

No matter what kind of birthday bash you want, you should expect it to be the best if you choose to do it in Dubai.

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