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Everybody wants to have a perfect smile. There are so many different smiles out there that no one simple fix can be the solution for everybody. That is why there are so many different options available for a patient who is seeking to correct their smile with braces in Windsor.

There are options for people who need to correct their bite, a sometimes necessary procedure that can reduce pain and eliminate lifelong problems. There are more cosmetic procedures available that straighten teeth effectively and quickly, with the added benefit of improving a person’s oral health whilst straightening their smile as well.

There are removable options as well as fixed versions. A dentist will explain what option would be most suitable for every patient, with the advantages and disadvantages of every available option laid out so that the patient can make the best informed decision for themselves.

What are some of the options available to a patient?

Depending on each patient’s personal situation, one or a few of many options can be considered.

For those who need to change a misaligned bite or are looking for a reliable and long-term solution to perfecting their smile, then traditional brackets and wires are the ideal method of treatment.

The knowledge regarding this discipline that dentists undergo has come in leaps and bounds over the past few decades, making them more comfortable and faster than they were in the past.

It is still important that the patient uphold excellent dental hygiene during the treatment, as the brackets and wires need extra care. Regular visits are also critical so that the dentist can adjust the device in order to make the necessary movements.

Functional appliances, such as the twin block, are used to great effect for patients who also need to correct their bite. They are more commonly used on younger patients in order to set them up for a lifetime of proper alignment and a healthier smile.

There are the options of fixed or removable and consist of two parts; an upper and a lower. In order to correct a protruding upper jaw, they are joined together to pull the jaws into alignment.

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Removable appliances are very common and are a great alternative for patients who do not need to align their bite but simply wish to straighten their teeth. Not every patient is recommended for this procedure, as they are more suited to subtler cases.

There are removable clear aligners available that simply slide over the teeth and are worn throughout the day and night, only to be removed during eating and cleaning teeth. They are favoured by adults and need minimal follow up care after a treatment plan has been put into place.

There is a necessity to wear a retainer after the procedure is completed, or else the teeth have a tendency to move back to their original position after time. By discussing their options with a dentist, patients will have a full and complete understanding of what they can come to expect by using this form of treatment.

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