Why Coastal Living May Be the Key to Happiness

Coastal property

If you have watched at least one episode of Grace and Frankie, you’ll feel a sense of envy at their “retirement” home by the sea. With the full view of the sea and the gentle breeze, the characters of Jane Fonda (Grace) and Lily Tomlin (Frankie) seem to have the right idea about how retirement should be spent. Studies have been suggesting this for years. The idea that being near a sea or lake makes one feel healthy is nothing new. Doctors have been prescribing their patients to go to bathing hospitals for centuries, but we forgot all about it because we were obsessed with modern medicine.

If you or your parents are already thinking about retirement, take a look at home care facilities. Older people will feel regenerated and rejuvenated by simply walking along the shore twice a day. The sight of the “blue space”—the sea and coastline—is good for the body and mind. The color blue itself and the sight of the coast and sky have a psychological restorative effect, studies have shown.

Health by Stealth

This means getting healthy without really trying. It’s the habit of doing activities that are good for your health. Dr. Sian Rees, a marine scientist at the University of Plymouth, says in an article that health by stealth means spending time in natural environments such as enjoying the outdoors and interacting with the physical environment.

You become healthy without trying and without even spending a dime. In Britain, spending time with nature, particularly the coastline, is the “most socially leveling environment.” People from all walks of life and socioeconomic groups travel to the coast to spend quality time with their family and friends. They go there to relieve themselves of the stresses of city life. Many spend weeks there to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city.

Many are still so enamored by the sea that they plan to retire and spend their days there. Forests, on the other hand, tend to be enjoyed by high-income earners, though they say that it’s just where they enjoy spending their time more. Several other studies have also highlighted that people feel happier when they are in marine and coastal margins.

Playing by the beach

Not About Wealth

Researchers say that it is not impossible to think that those living in coastline communities are wealthier and have better access to health care. But studies also show that being in the proximity of the ocean has the most health benefits for socioeconomically deprived communities. Moving closer to the sea is beneficial to one’s mind, body, and health.

Living by the coastline has physical health benefits, too. People who live by the water tend to be more physically active with water sports, walking, and cycling. A one-hour walk along the coast every day will do so much for your health.

But seaside living should also make you more responsible for conserving the planet. Such health benefits are only possible if the environment is well-taken care of. Do your share in preserving the environment. You’ll feel an instant personal connection to the sea.

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