What Millennials Forget to Take Care of When They Reach the Age of 30

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People of our generation, specifically millennials, live a very busy lifestyle. Millennials comprise 35% of the workforce. Aside from the piling debt most yuppies face, we are living in one of the most confusing and overbearing times. With the amount of information we are bombarded with every day, it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself. Some millennials spend 12 to 15 hours a day just working two different jobs.

People always say that looks aren’t everything and that your career is more important. Is work the only important thing that we do? Do we merely jog along until our retirement? Confidence and perseverance can only take you so far. Actually looking and internally feeling good yourself is quintessential for self-improvement and self-esteem. Let us take back the youth that was stolen from us.


Easily forgotten by most men and women, not just by millennials, is caring for the condition of their skin. Everyone suffers from some kind of skin problem. From being dehydrated all the time to the pollution everyone experiences in their commute, problems exist for people of all ages. It probably is the last thing on your mind when you are trying to survive the daily grind. Contrary to popular belief, most skin problems are easily resolved. From drinking a lot of water, to simply washing your face before going to sleep, simple solutions are easy to come by. But ultimately, when you have the budget, remember to visit a dermatologist to get solid advice on how to treat your skin problem.

Dental Care

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Taking care of your teeth can be very expensive. According to a survey, 40% of people skip going to the dentist because they do not have insurance to cover the costs. The cost is often the biggest reason why most millennials endure not going to the dentist even for the most painful toothaches.

What most people fail to understand is that your teeth are part of your attire. Your appearance will fail to be complete if not accessorized by your smile. It’s hard to communicate gleefully with anyone else if you can’t even bring yourself to crack a smile.

However, contrary to popular belief, dental care is not that expensive. The new technology surrounding orthopedic treatment has advanced through the years. Even though dentists employ complicated methods, such as 3-D printing dental work, to treat their patients, costs have never been lower. Most of these treatments are already streamlined and readily made available by cheaper manufacturing costs. There are many excuses to give when it comes to not going to the Dentist. However, price shouldn’t be one.

Overall Physical Health

Most people overlook their overall physical health. Millennials tend to take their health for granted because they say that they do not have the time nor the budget to exercise or go on a diet. Nevertheless, your physical health is something you should not forget to take care of. Your physical health will dictate how your future self will shape up to be. If you do not take care of your health, you might end up spending all your hard-earned money for hospital bills.

Exercise at any age should not be overlooked. Most salary men spend their entire day sitting in front of a computer. They can go on and on for hours without standing up. Exercise is essential to lower the risk of developing diseases later in life. Exercise can also help a person age better.

Diet is also indispensable to maintain great and healthy body. Contrary to popular belief, diet does not have to be expensive. The internet has a lot of readily available cheap options for those wanting to go on a diet. You can also always consult a nutritionist to get the most out of the cheapest materials available.

Mental Health

Last but not the least, most people from Generation Y tend to overlook taking care of their mental health. It is one of the most difficult one to take care of because identifying the problem requires admission. However, it is important that millennials take care of their mental health. Suicide is one the leading causes of death amongst people born from 1981 to 1996. Magnitudes of people go through their lives at work without a care for their head space. Some are too busy trying to survive that we forget to protect our mental health. If you feel like you are slowly being tattered down mentally, you can always seek help from experts.

It is important that we get our youth back. Everyone is just busy hustling themselves through the continuous waves of neglect and hardship. We must always try to not forget that we have lives to live.

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