Beauty Treatments After 21 to Look Great Without Makeup

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Young women aged 21 and above love the no-makeup look, but they still want to look gorgeous. Who doesn’t? No one is perfect, though, so there’s always room for improvement. There are beauty treatments that can make you achieve the all-natural look you want. Here are some of them.

Fuller Lips

Most young women want full lips that always project a half-pout. Not everyone is born with them, though. High shine lip gloss can create the illusion of fuller lips, but they wipe off easily.

Some lip balms and lipsticks contain ingredients like capsicum from hot peppers, wintergreen, ginger, or mint that stimulate the lips, creating a stinging or tingling feeling. These bring more blood flow, temporarily creating a bee-stung look. Again, it’s temporary.

For more permanently full lips, you’ll need to get lip fillers from a licensed nurse aesthetician. These fillers contain hyaluronic acid that is FDA-approved. Your full lips won’t last forever but you can have them for six months to a year.

Depuffed Eye Bags

Eye bags are a result of fluid retention and/or genetics. Lack of sleep, too much salt intake, drinking liquor, smoking, and allergies can also contribute to their formation. They can make you look haggard and older.

To get rid of them, use a cold compress for 10 minutes or more every day. Put ice inside a clean cloth first before placing it on your closed eyelids.

You may also try using tea bags as these contain tannins that help constrict blood vessels, thus reducing swelling. Cucumbers are another excellent home remedy as they have the same effect as tea bags.

There are also gels and creams containing coolants like menthol and caffeine that can temporarily depuff your eyes by shrinking blood vessels. These work best when stored in the refrigerator, so they’re extra cold when applied.

If your eye bags are due to allergies, consult an allergologist. Controlling your allergies may get rid of your puffy under-eyes.

If you want a more long-lasting solution that can last years, you can opt for either a chemical peel or laser resurfacing. Both will boost your skin’s collagen production and tighten skin, compressing and depuffing the eye bags. You will always look fresh and bright-eyed.

Flawless Skin

No one has perfect skin and a lot of women either have current acne flareups, dark scars from acne, or skin craters from previous acne. If you have these skin issues, there are treatments to help improve their appearance so you do not have to hide under a lot of makeup.

Chemical peels are sometimes effective in treating acne breakouts. FDA-approved blue light and red light treatment also kills acne-causing bacteria and reduces skin inflammation and redness. Another treatment is photodynamic therapy (PDT) where 5-aminolevulinic acid is activated by blue light to treat acne.

For dark acne scars, microdermabrasion uses exfoliation to remove surface dead skin cells, leaving the skin brighter and smoother. For skin craters, laser resurfacing uses short pulses of light to get rid of damaged skin cells. It can help reduce even out the skin surface.

Laser facial treatment

Slimmer Face and Sharp Jawline

Puffy cheeks that blend into a double chin are common problems even among women who do not have to lose weight. Heavy makeup contouring is aging and can look comical if not skillfully applied.

You can try face exercises to help tone the facial muscles, making your face appear slimmer. One such exercise is the lion’s breath where you open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue while exhaling forcefully. Do this 10 times a day.

There are other ways to achieve a slimmer face quickly. One is by getting Botox injections in the masseter muscles along the jawline to slim down the face. This treatment is called botulinum toxin type A or BTA. It can give you a V-shaped face that is always in style.

Another way to get a slimmer face is through radiofrequency treatments like Thermage FLX and Ultherapy. Both help tighten skin to make the face look slimmer and the jawline sharper.

Eyebrows Permanently On-Fleek

Thick eyebrows are in vogue. However, some women have sparse eyebrows that are barely seen. If you are one of those who need to draw in eyebrows every day before leaving the house, you know how frustrating it can be to get it right every time.

You can go to a beauty salon and have your eyebrows permanently tattooed. This is also called micro-blading, eyebrow embroidery, or feather touch brows. It involves using a fine needle to deposit pigment under the skin in the desired shape of your eyebrows. The results last 1-3 years before they start to fade.

You can choose between having individual strands of hair tattooed to create natural-looking brows. These are the quickest to fade, though, and would need more frequent touch-ups. The powder look mimics the way you draw in your brows but looks more professional as there is a gradation from light at the start of each brow to dark. The best look is a combination of the two. Your eyebrows will look like you have full eyebrow hairs enhanced by a graduated powder background.

Waking Up Beautiful

No matter which beauty treatments you decide to try, the most important thing is that you are happy with how you look. You should not have to hide under a lot of makeup or feel self-conscious about your appearance. With so many treatments available today, there is no reason for you not to look great without any makeup on.

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