Beauty Buys: The Top 4 Switches You Should Make During the Pandemic

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The world will never be the same again after the pandemic. So will your beauty buys, in fact. Now that Zoom meetings are the only reason you wear make-up and your most urgent trips are grocery errands, it’s time to switch to beauty essentials that will help you get over this difficult time in glamorous fashion.

Clothes for Comfort

Admit it–you’ve tried dressing up at home the way you used to at work. Halfway through the day, you’ve found yourself slowly changing back to loose shirts and baggy shorts.

Nothing beats comfortable clothes when you’re working from home. If you feel your go-to shirts and bottoms are making you less productive, then purchase more presentable ones. They don’t have to be made of silk for you to feel revitalized for your regular Monday meetings. The trick is to buy new ones that you won’t be ashamed to wear in public, therefore differentiating it from your more laid back housewear.

Look at the Guess women’s hoodie for options. Browse through their selection of jeans that you won’t have trouble shifting positions in. Comfort doesn’t equal poor quality Go for trusted brands that guarantee durability and style.

Cruelty-Free Products

It’s not just the highly debated topic of COVID-19’s origins that is driving people to buy cruelty-free products, although that definitely added to it. The pandemic also raised further awareness on climate change and animal rights.

More and more people are throwing out their old beauty products and ordering from brands that do not condone animal testing. It’s also helpful that these are the same brands that have hopped on the green train to make eco-friendly and all-natural cosmetics. The lesser the chemical on your skin, the healthier it will be.

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DIY Facial

It sucks that going out for a facial is too risky. Good thing there are affordable equipment and products you can purchase online for your at-home facial. Need tutorials? Professional facialists are doing webinars and offering free lessons on how to do it at home during the pandemic.

Some of the specific items you’ll need include double cleaners, facial toner, exfoliating cream, facial steamer, masks, and spot treatments. Do you miss the massage? You can learn how to do it to yourself. Better yet, partner with someone at home for your facials. Quarantine might be exactly what your skin needs to rejuvenate and glow up.

Walking Shoes

You’ll want to set aside your favorite red pumps for a pair of comfortable walking shoes. Since health protocols have been more lenient compared to the beginning of the outbreak, it’s possible to go on walks without much hassle. If you’re more of a runner, invest in athletic shoes that suit your gait and preferred running terrain. You can also use these new purchases for going on errands, as they’re convenient to walk in given the weight of the grocery bags you carry. Going out might not stop feeling like an emergency supply mission for a while, so invest in shoes that look good and don’t hurt your feet.

Practicality is key when it comes to switching to beauty products that will help you cope with the pandemic. While the world is waiting for a vaccine, use this time to invest in a workout regimen and clean eating. Don’t forget about your mental health, too. Now is a good time to make other switches that could change the quality of your life for the better.

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