What Is Deep Sea Fishing and Why Should Avid Anglers Try It


Not all people understand the joys of fishing, but for millions of people, it is a relaxing and rewarding past time. This is why it’s no surprise that in 2017, there were 49.1 million people who went fishing at least once in a year. And what awaits every angler is a chance to show off their skills, patience, and luck on the sea.

It’s common for people to practice recreational fishing in lakes, rivers, or on the coast. But for those looking for something bigger, challenging, and definitely more rewarding, deep sea fishing is definitely a must-try. Here’s what you need to know about it and why it’s worth exploring for avid recreational anglers.

What Is Deep Sea Fishing?

Recreational deep sea fishing is when anglers venture far away from the coast and take a boat to open waters. True to its name, deep sea fishing should be held in an area where the water depth should be at least 30 meters deep. It may not sound ideal for those prone to seasickness, but for those willing to venture out are in for a huge reward – literally.

Far away from the coast, you have the opportunity to catch bigger fish that often stay away from the more shallow waters closer to the shore. Fishes like tuna, snapper, mahi-mahi, jewfish, and other large fishes often swim in open and deep waters to feed, which is why you never see these fishes when you’re swimming on the beach.

Aside from these large catches, you’re also likely to catch deep-sea fishes and other smaller fishes that thrive in the deep sea. These include the pearl perch, mackerel, tailor, and even turtles.

But take note that these aren’t assured: getting a good catch ultimately depends on your luck, location, and skill. So, if you want to prove your skill as an angler, deep sea fishing is a chance to show off your skill.

How to Practice Deep Sea Fishing

If you have your own boat and know how to navigate in open waters, you can opt to go at it yourself. But remember, it’s always better to have someone with you during this fishing trip. If you don’t have a boat, plenty of fishing charters offer deep sea fishing experiences complete with experts to help guide you to a good location and help you reel in large fishes.

When fishing in a certain area, make sure you know the rules and restrictions in fishing. For example, dolphins are protected by some states and countries, making it illegal to capture them. So, it’s best to know your country or state’s laws on recreational fishing first.

Why Should I Practice Deep Sea Fishing?

Improve Your Fishing Skills

Fishing rod

For expert anglers who find fishing in lakes, rivers, and close to the shore no longer challenging, going deep sea fishing is a good avenue to further improve your skills. Because the sea is much bigger and open, your catches aren’t captive and you have to rely solely on your skills to reel in a good one.

Beginners can also benefit from deep sea fishing, especially if they have an expert with them to train them. It’s a good way for them to learn certain techniques, boost their confidence, and get them to improve if they don’t want to return to shore empty-handed.

Relaxing Ocean Experience

Recreational fishing is meant to help people relax, and the ocean provides a view of open seas that you can’t ever experience being stuck close to the shore. The sea breeze and the soothing sounds of the open sea cannot be truly replicated if you limit yourself to land-locked waters or shores.

The Wildlife

You won’t get the chance to see sharks, turtles, dolphins, and other fishes when you limit your fishing spots close to land. There’s no assurance that you’ll see any of these, but people who have gone deep sea fishing report seeing rare sightings of these creatures. For the recreational fisher, it’s a great way to head out and appreciate what Mother Nature has to offer.


It may sound daunting, but a true angler should be willing to take the challenge of heading out to open waters and experiencing the rewarding joys of deep sea fishing.

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