How Vision Problems Affect the Lifestyle of Young People

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The typical lifestyle of a teenager revolves around their friends and activities. It’s a busy one. They don’t have time to think about their health, which is why they often find themselves shocked to the core that they have eye problems. One of the things that technology brought is our obsession with the internet. We spend so many hours looking at the screen of our phones and laptops that we don’t realize what that does to our vision. This is the problem that so many teenagers face today, too.

They are being hindered by their vision problems. That shouldn’t be the case. These problems may be affecting how they reach their full potentials. Most eye problems do not have symptoms unless they are already too late. By that time, doctors may not be able to do anything but stop the issues from becoming worse. Young teenagers don’t realize that there’s something wrong with their vision because their eyes overcompensate. The eyes adjust to the problems until they have been so damaged that no amount of adjustment can give back their health.

One of the most common eye problems affecting young people and adolescents is myopia. It affects distance vision. It means you can see objects only when they are near you, but objects far from you become blurry. It has a hereditary component, though using electronic devices is a culprit, too.

Treatments for myopia include wearing glasses and contact lenses. They can also undergo refractive surgery to correct their vision. But perhaps, one of the safest things to do is Visian ICL, a removal lens implant that’s a better alternative to other invasive procedures. The good thing about this procedure is that it doesn’t have the same problems as other treatments. Those who undergo the procedure don’t experience haloes, distortion of light, and sensitivity to bright light. It also has better nighttime vision compared to LASIK.


Teens who have vision problems will have a hard time playing sports. It’s sad because many high school students rely on sports scholarships to get them into good colleges and universities. This is the most saddening fact of having vision problems as a teen. Not being able to play something you are passionate about can lead to depression.

Parents of teens who feel that their children are at risk of developing these problems should push them to see a doctor immediately. Plenty of athletes excel even with vision problems. They didn’t let these issues hinder their growth as athletes. Your children should address these problems even before they become apparent.

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What if your kids love to read, but they couldn’t do it regularly because they’re having trouble with their eyes? Isn’t that heartbreaking? Sure, they can read fairly comfortably because they can pull the book nearer their eyes, but that can result in bigger problems in the future. You are not supposed to strain your eyes that much.

There have been many studies on how kids’ learning was affected by their eye problems. Many times, they don’t realize it’s the eye problem that has been hindering the education of the kids. Some students even fail their tests and flunk their classes only to find out later that it’s all because of their eye problems.


If the teens want to be interns or work part-time, they could have trouble finding a job when they have vision problems. The employer might push them to have these corrected first before they can receive a job offer. This hinders their growth. It might even affect their self-esteem and confidence. There are very few jobs in the world that do not require good eyesight.

If they are already having problems with their eyesight, straining to look at the computer or the charts or the machines or some other things they are tasked to do will lead to headaches. This will cause them to be absent at work. Eventually, their production levels will fall, and so does their overall performance at work. These situations might force them to accept a job that’s below their skills. It will undermine what they can truly contribute to an organization.

Eye problems shouldn’t be a hindrance to growth, education, and improvement. They are easy to correct once you realize that you are at risk to them. While the prospect of having someone prod your eyes isn’t something you will thoroughly enjoy, it’s a sacrifice that many people have to go through to reach their full potential. In your teens, you have so much going on for you that there’s simply no time to let things like vision problems exacerbate. You are going to lose a lot of opportunities.

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