Sustainable Clothing Solutions: Keeping Your Wardrobe Fresh and Long-Lasting

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The fast-fashion craze is causing a great deal of damage to the environment and cannot be allowed to continue. The only way to get retailers to understand that we are committed to reducing landfills and dedicated to sustainable clothing is to use our buying power.

One fun way to wield your buying power is to stop spending money on clothes. Luckily, this does not mean that you have to let go of looking stylish. There are many simple things you can do to preserve the color and beauty of your clothes so you can keep looking sharp while helping the environment.

Laundry Best Practices

Using sustainable practices in managing your wardrobe is all about becoming aware of the harmful toxins and uses that are degrading your clothing. Common household detergents contain many harmful chemicals that are bad for your clothes as well as your skin. It might be better to send out your clothes to be cleaned by a laundry pick-up and delivery service.

Many laundry services now use organic cleaning products and practices as well as more eco-conscious dry cleaning methods. Bulk cleaning also reduces the overall production of waste products. You can be sure your clothes are being well-taken care of and that you are reducing your carbon footprint, all while maintaining your fresh look.

Spending Smart

If you do need to spend some money on your wardrobe, then do some research and find a sustainable brand. These brands may come with clothing that has a higher price tag but this is desirable. A sustainably produced clothing item with a high price tag guarantees that you will be able to use it for many years. It will continue to look good and is unlikely to show wear and tear easily.

Higher quality pieces such as these are designed to last longer and use superior materials and smart sewing to make them well worth the price tag. The quality of materials and the well-constructed design will ensure that it looks stylish and helps you look stylish for years to come.

Give Clothes a Good Home

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The well-being of your clothes also depends on the storage situation you place them in when not being worn. An over-packed wardrobe with plastic or wire hangers is bad for clothing. Also, there is a trend towards hanging clothes outside with no covering but while aesthetically appealing this is also bad for clothes.

Clothes should be stored with enough space, little crowding, in a cool and dark wardrobe that is airtight. Storing them outside or in the sun can lead to fading and uneven patches. Keeping them too closely packed will make them rub against each other which could lead to patches and tangling.

Wire and plastic hangers lead to saggy shoulders and can cause clothing to lose its shape. Wooden hangers are more expensive to buy now but save money in the long term by preserving the shape of your clothing and preventing sag.

Wear Slips and Undershirts

As we grow older, we have lost the habit of wearing slips and undershirts as we used to in school. But it is time to bring back the practice as this can help your clothes a great deal.

Slips and undershirts even out our body shape and help the clothes look better on us. They also provide a barrier that can help prevent sweat stains as well as general wear and tear from daily use. It can also help prevent overstretching and help clothes keep their shape for longer.

Your Iron May Be Your Enemy

Consider getting rid of your iron altogether. Irons can cause more problems than they are worth. The wrong setting can lead to burnt patches, shape loss, and un-fixable damage.

If you must have an iron then consider getting a steam iron. These are a bit of an investment but you will get your money back through how much easier it is to use and the way it helps clothes look good without putting too much strain on them. Steam irons remove wrinkles without adding to color loss and unlike regular irons can be used on bejeweled or very delicate clothing.

Ultimately, nothing lasts forever and someday the time will come when you have to send some of your clothes off to the recycling plant. Thankfully, with these tips, that day does not have to come for a very long time.

Becoming more ethical in our usage of clothing and wardrobe maintenance is sure to make an impact on the world around you. It always takes one person showing passion for something to get others on board. Not only will you be sending a strong message to fast-fashion retailers and reducing your carbon footprint, but you will also be showing that style is about the person and fashion is just a fad.

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