Style Options for Chaise Lounges for Bedrooms

Lounges and Bedrooms

An armless recliner designed for relaxation and paired with an ottoman is known as a lounge chair. These chairs do not recline but instead, have a built-in reclined position, which you cannot adjust. The lack of reclining adjustment is the primary element that sets a lounge chair apart from other recliner types.

There are different lounge chair types nowadays with the most common being the chaise lounge, the French term for ‘long chair.’ The chair is long enough to allow one to stretch out without using an ottoman.

When you buy bedroom furniture online, a chaise lounge should be on top of your shopping list. It will be the main item that transforms your bedroom’s look from a severe and conservative one to one designed for pure relaxation. It will also make a significant design statement in this crucial room.

Here are the style options for chaise lounges to be used in bedrooms:

Victorian Style

This is the best choice for homeowners aiming for an antique bedroom look. A Victorian style chaise lounge centres on ornate details. These include sculpted designs on the legs, woodwork, and bases, as well as rich upholstery with an elegant finish.

Though authentic Victorian style chaise lounges might be expensive, there are modern reproductions of the same, which use cheaper materials for their construction. These can suffice for those who want an antique look but do not want to overspend.

Lounge and Seat Options

French Style

French style chaise lounges are available in three designs. Meridian style lounges are the most common ones and have a low footrest, high headrest and a sloping back with intricate woodwork, high-end fabrics and tufting. A few modern variations of the meridian design do not include a slanted back.

Duchesse Brisée, loosely translated as ‘broken duchess’ lounges, have two parts. These include a long footstool for the feet and a chair. Some include a stool between the chair and ottoman for additional sitting space. Recamier chaise lounges, named after Madame Recamier, a French socialite, have two raised ends with a plain, long side between them.

Contemporary Style

Modern chaise lounges have a geometric design that combines different elements. Metal accents and bright patterns and colours are the key design features in contemporary chaise lounges. These can be backless or backed, and sometimes have footrests. Modern chaise lounges are generally paired with minimalist furniture pieces to create a simple and minimalist bedroom design.

Bench Style

These long chairs take different forms, but they all resemble a traditional daybed. Bench style chaise lounges are wider compared to other style options and have an uncushioned structure with high ends on both their ends. A few styles have backs, but most bench style chairs are backless.

Bedrooms are not just functional rooms anymore. They are design statements for sheer comfort that will make you want to spend all your time in them. The above chaise lounge style options are guaranteed for your bedroom’s comfort and décor. You will undoubtedly come across a broad style range for chaise lounges designed for sunrooms, decks, poolsides and living rooms. But the above styles are the ones that work best for bedrooms.

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