Work and Life Balance: How You Can Stay Healthy While at Work

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We have now entered an age where we are aware of our health and wellness better than ever, and because of this, staying healthy has become a priority for most Americans. But there has always been a questioning looming over our heads: how can we stay healthy if workdays are becoming much longer? It’s been found that many of the current generations spend more time at work when compared to previous generations. This can be a serious problem when it comes to health and wellness. Thankfully, there are simple ways you can stay healthy while at work. Here are simple ways you can keep a healthy work-life.

Walk or Bike to Your Workplace

If you’re living particularly close to your workplace, you can choose to bike or walk as an alternative option to commuting. Biking and walking are considered exercises by the NHS, and doing about 15 minutes of those every day before you get to work can help you stay fit and healthy. However, remember to bring an extra shirt or work clothes with you because you might build up a sweat along the way, and no one wants to start work sweaty.

Take Breaks


Taking a break every two hours or so at work can help both your brain and body when it comes to stress. We’re not machines or computers that can keep working for many hours without taking a single break. We need breaks to optimize our workload and look into approaching it from a new direction.

When taking a break, make sure to stand and walk around to office or interact with colleagues. This will ensure that your brain is stimulated enough to keep working. You can also do some leg exercises while sitting down to keep the blood pumping in your veins. You can always set a reminder for yourself when you should take a break. It’s suggested that you take ten-minute breaks every two hours, but you can tailor one that suits you perfectly.

Go Out of the Office

A breath of fresh air can do you a lot of good. During your breaks, you must get out of your office. Take a walk outside and look for restaurants a couple of blocks away from your office. This change of scenery can help your brain relax and take off the load you have at work. Getting out of the office can also open to mingling more with your colleagues. Just make sure you don’t come back late!

Sit Properly

The proper posture of sitting is to sit up straight with your back aligned to the backrest of your chair. Slouching can bring more weight into your lower back which can become something serious in the future. If this does happen, you can always contact a chiropractor to treat any back pains from work. Additionally, osteopathic practitioners visit homes nowadays so that you can get treatment in the comfort of your home. It’s good to get chiropractic treatment once in a while. But if you want to keep your posture healthy practice and avoid return visits to the chiropractor, start sitting properly at work.

Bring Your Own Food

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Sometimes it’s hard to keep an eye out on the calories you consume every day, especially if your purchasing most of your meals at work. Sometimes it’s also hard to follow a strict diet at work as well. If you’re having these problems, you should start preparing and bringing your own food to work. You can do meal preps every weekend and reheat them throughout the entire week, so you don’t have to cook every day. Additionally, meal preps don’t take too much time if you do them in bulk! So try it out and see if it suits your lifestyle.

Follow Your Routine

Regardless of what kind of exercise you do every day or what kind of diet you follow, it’s not effective if you’re not going to them consistently. Write down a routine and follow it as much as you can. You can write down your breaks, exercises, and meals in the routine. You can also write down how you can prepare for each one of them.

Take note of particular company activities that might interrupt your routine, and make sure to act accordingly to avoid its interruption. Once you’ve followed your routine, your body should be able to adapt to it easily. Before you know it, you’ll be doing it automatically with minimal hassle.

Staying healthy at work can be quite challenging, but if you follow these suggestions, you should be able to grab to take control of your work and stay fit while doing it. Try them out, as these suggestions are pretty straightforward, and anyone can do it despite a busy schedule.

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