Millennial Beauty Tips: Four Steps to Whiter Teeth


If there was a way for you to shine in front of the cameras, sparkling pearly white teeth have got to be it. It’s catchy and everyone wants to see those incisors looking as healthy as ever. Unfortunately, many millennials are not putting ample focus on keeping their food-cutters as fabulous as can be. For one, a survey of 2,000 millennials that 3 out of 10 brush their teeth at least once a day. And if that were not enough, some forego the brushing for a period of two days.

But truth be told, having healthy and white teeth carries with it tons of blessings. For one, it can bring about an impressive smile. And that means you gain a lot more confidence when you socialize and hang around with friends. That’s especially helpful if you’re wanting to impress your bosses and colleagues in a presentation at work. Second of all, a set of pearly whites can make you look younger. People who are confident and smile more often, lessen the number of wrinkles that form in the face.

Certainly, there’s no need to feel hopeless about the need to keep your choppers as presentable as can be. With a little help from expert advice, you should be on your way to stunning pearly whites in no time.

Toothpaste Upgrade

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Far too often, millennials (born 1980 to 2000) have been dubbed the Me Me Me Generation, alluding perhaps to their largely self-obsessed and seemingly entitle lifestyle. But a deeper look will tell us, this generation is the Information Generation, attached to bazillion data the internet can offer like never before. That should tell you they’re the most connected generation, albeit online. Small wonder, they’re called the digital natives.

Indeed, when it comes to pearly whites, self-improvement is a big plus for any millennial. And the first step you can take to achieve that is to supercharge your toothpaste. You can do that by adding baking soda to your goo. The powder is not just an oxidizing agent, but it’s also an effective natural cleansing agent.

On the other side of the fence, you can also go for toothpaste that contains charcoal. That may surprise you. But activated charcoal from coconut shell strengthens your gums. Best of all, it can absorb bacteria and remove toxins in your mouth. And such a formula was used since ancient times. Even Hippocrates, the great Greek physician dubbed the Father of Medicine, used it on himself.

Professional Teeth Whitening

But if you really want to get immediate results, you need to drop your dentist a visit. By doing so, you’re assured you get those gleaming smiles in no time. How much time? Say, an hour or even less should do.

Moreover, take note that if your issue is about tooth and jaw alignment, you should see a Me Me Me Generation. This professional is a dentist that’s specialized in setting your jaw and teeth in their proper order.

So typically, dentists deal with issues such as gum problems and tooth extraction. But when you walk into the clinic of an orthodontist, you’re highly likely to end up with braces and retainers when you go out.

Go Coco Loco

Charcoal from the coconut’s shell is already a good start. But it isn’t the only good thing from coconut that can please you. You can also make the most of coconut oil as a mouthwash. To make that happen, swill a tablespoon of coco oil in your mouth for about 15 minutes.

Used extensively by the Indians, this technique should get rid of bacteria in your gums. Even better, it should lubricate your teeth so stains won’t stick, giving you a better shot at oral health. Know that stains give way to plaque formation and gingivitis.

Make the Most of Milk

holding a glass of milk

Calcium, above and beyond, is one of the most essential nutrients for healthy teeth. The healthier your teeth, the better it looks. Know that calcium is your ultimate weapon to strengthen those enamels, the hard outer shell covering your tooth. And enamels are your tooth’s mighty defense against cavities and erosion.

To make the most of milk, choose cheese over chocolates when eating. Additionally, you should ensure you are getting a healthy glass of milk as often as possible. Know that not only can cheese polish your food cutters, but they’re also an effective surface cleanser. That’s especially true for cheddar cheese, a known hard cheese.

Well, milk and cheese aren’t too hard to find. That should increase your chances of giving the world your most beautiful youthful, pearly white smile.

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