Seven Important Wedding Details Many Couples Tend to Forget

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Have you created a checklist for your wedding preparations? Have you booked all your vendors already? If you already found the perfect venue and hired your wedding team, you might think that you can stop worrying now. However, there is a possibility that you and your partner have overlooked some critical details.

You don’t need to feel overwhelmed about the thought that you might forget an important detail regarding your wedding. There are tons of solutions to prevent any mishaps from happening. For example, even months after booking your venue for the reception through, you can still request for changes in the layout to accommodate, say, an increase in your number of guests.

Here are some more tips so that you can be 100% prepared for your big day.

Secure transportation for the wedding party

Don’t forget to secure transportation service for you, your partner, and the rest of your wedding party. Have a list of all the members of the wedding party and turn it over to your wedding planner. They will make sure that everyone will make it on time for your wedding.

Ensure meals for the vendors

Your wedding vendors should also be provided with sumptuous meals during your wedding. Keep in mind that they will be working hard to ensure that you will have a memorable and hassle-free celebration. So, you need to at least ensure that they have enough food and drinks. You can talk to your caterer for assistance.

Bring an emergency kit

Prepare an emergency kit complete with band-aids, double-sided tapes, bobby pins, sewing kit, tissues, breath mints, and dental floss. Include anti-allergies and pain medications, too.

Prepare speeches

You might feel so overwhelmed on your wedding day, so it’s safe to prepare a pre-made speech beforehand. Just write down what you want to include in your speech, including the names of the people that you want to say thanks to. Write it down on paper and hand it to your wedding planner before the big day. You can also send an electronic copy of the speech, so you can simply read it on your phone.

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Assign a post-wedding point person

Appoint someone to take over post-wedding responsibilities. These include gathering all the gifts and personal items. Give them a detailed checklist of all the items that need to be turned over after the big day.

Have extra cash

Make sure that you have an extra budget for contingency reasons. You won’t know where your wedding day can take you. Family and friends may think about having an after-party celebration, for instance.

Pack extra clothes

Make sure to pack extra clothes, especially if you are planning to go to an after-party or if you are staying for a couple more days. Bring enough clothes depending on the length of your stay at the hotel or if you plan to go straight to your honeymoon right after the wedding.

Don’t forget these important wedding details to ensure that you get to enjoy a hassle-free wedding. Also, remember to enjoy every minute of your wedding day with your partner. Appreciate every little detail and remember that at the end of the day, what matters most is that you are getting married to the love of your life.

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