The Best Burgers: What Makes it So Good?

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If asked, ‘What is your favourite food?’ You’ll be surprised at how many will answer a good ol’ burger. The love affair between humans and burgers around the world has been going on for years. Many people love a juicy burger get spiced up or sweetened to a certain level that warrants long lines in a fast-food restaurant. As they give in to such cravings, visiting a burger restaurant in their Singapore neighbourhood every day is no more a surprise. Before that, what exactly makes a great burger?

The Classic

A burger is not a burger without the buns. This soft brioche bread shouldn’t be overlooked because it’s what holds the burger. The bun should be able to hold all the patty juices and sauces lest you want to end up with a soggy and sad burger plate.

The burger, which is the star of the show, should have a good amount of fat. It makes the meat moist and nobody wants a dry burger patty. Nowadays, there are different meats that restaurants prepare for their burger menu. Some use lamb while others stick to the all-time favourite beef. There are also those that offer vegan options made of lentils or chickpea. Nonetheless, a burger should always be tasty and full of flavour.

The cheese is what complements a burger. Gooey cheese is a perfect partner to a juicy burger. Some chefs put a lot of cheese or different kinds of cheese on top of their patty. They melt it and people are taken into cheeseburger heaven. The most common cheeses in burgers are cheddar and mozzarella, but some joints take their burger menu to the next level and use unique types like bleu cheese.

Condiments and Others

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A simple burger can become a delicious and mouthwatering food on the menu when different kinds of add-ons are included. Pickles are often added to make a classic burger, although these days there are many variations that people love. Some use kimchi while others put jalapeno peppers as add-ons. Some joints also allow you to customize your burgers like adding eggs, bacon, avocado, etc.

Whichever sauce you choose, you’ll have a feast when eating your burger. The different sauces range from creamy to spicy, which are all according to a lot of people’s taste. Moreover, a great burger is one that’s eaten with fries and partnered with either beer or milkshake. Whatever you choose, you’ll love a burger combo anytime because it’s comfort food like no other.

Lastly, you can choose how you want your patty to be cooked — flame-grilled, fried, or baked. These give various results in flavour. A flame-grilled burger has a lot of smokiness, fried has some crispy edges, and baked makes the patty tender. All of these taste great and it’s up to you which you like best.

Who says that burger is bad for you? Don’t believe them. This is comfort food at its finest and eating now and then is not a crime. Go ahead and indulge because there are cravings that you simply cannot ignore.

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