Must-have Novelty Items for the Quirky Individual

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Trend forecasts suggest that our generation will enjoy our very own Roaring 20s when the worst of the pandemic is over. This means there will be more emphasis on maximalism, self-expression, and not being afraid to experiment with styles. Gone are the days of playing it safe; now is a good time to permit yourself to be who you truly are.

If you like more unconventional and off-beat styles, here are some must-have novelty items to express your personality.


If you consider yourself a free spirit, someone who marches to the beat of your own drum, you might be happy to know that tie-dye is back in style, with designers like brands like Calvin Klein and Vans incorporating this 90s-inspired look into their pieces. The best part about this trend is that you can do it yourself so that the style is 100 percent you—you can choose the colors, pattern, and kinds of pieces you want to dye. Let your imagination run wild and unleash your inner fashion designer!

Nontraditional but protective phone cases

phone cases

If you’re getting tired of the generic phone cases that Apple keeps coming out with, explore more trendy phone cases that can let your unique personality shine through. In a time when our smartphones are like an extension of us, we need to have phone cases that express our personality and style, just like the clothes we put on our backs.

One example is engraved wood phone cases, which are custom wood cases that you can personalize. There are plenty of designs to choose from—from flowers, trees, and animals to constellations. You can even choose an inspirational quote to keep yourself inspired throughout the day.

Metallic textiles

Since we’re set to have our own post-pandemic roaring 20s soon, metallic textiles will soon be making the rotation once again. Reminiscent of flapper girls’ shiny dresses, these dresses will provide a sense of escapism for many of us who found ourselves having a hard time due to the COVID-19 crisis. But while the world remains closed as we protect each other from the virus and its many variants, these metallic dresses and coats will also make for trendy outfits during disco Zoom parties.

Trendy raincoats

Thanks to luxury fashion houses like Celine and Salamra, whose recent collections have consisted of silhouettes that are reminiscent of the raincoats we wore as grade school students, this unflattering shape of coats will soon be in heavy rotation once again. If you are someone who likes to keep warm all year long, these trendy raincoats are a surefire way to keep cold weather and rain at bay, all while allowing you to express your personality and uniqueness.

Blinding neon colors

If you do not mind standing out in crowds, this non-traditional and non-basic trend will definitely be for you. Fashion is cyclical as they say, and this 1980s trend is set to make a comeback thanks to the work of luxury designers Balenciaga and Versace. If this trend intimidates you, you can go for pastel neon pieces, as opposed to really loud and bright ones.

Oversize denim

wearing jeans

Since the post-pandemic world is all about comfort, this trend will continue with our most loved pieces of denim. But instead of sweatpants or athleisure pieces, our larger flares and silhouettes will be made of denim. From jackets to pants, the oversized denim trend is once again reminiscent of the 90s. Add in a bucket hat for good measure.

Emo-driven trends

Thanks to Tiktok influencers who constantly use the music of renowned emo bands like Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, and Dashboard Confessional, the emo trends of the 2000s are set to make a much-awaited comeback. From black nails to dark eyeliner, from zippersiest pants to the one-sided elevator bangs, there will be a resurgence in emo-inspired looks as Generation Z discovers the emo anthems of their direct predecessors, the Millennials.


Thanks to the rise of the cottagecore aesthetic when the global lockdowns first took place, grandmillenialism is also making a big splash when it comes to off-beat and non-traditional trends. This aesthetic is marked by maximalist grandmacore pieces—think your grandma’s old wallpaper and chipped piece of china.

The Bottom Line

If you feel like your personal style has never fitted in with the current trends, 2021 is the year you can finally be yourself and not feel completely different from others. But fitting in or not, don’t hesitate to be yourself. Your clothes and accessories are tools you can use to express who you really are on the inside.

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