Is Your Business Wrecking Your Health? Taking Care of Your Well-Being as a Busy Business Owner

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Running a business often requires the owner to work overtime and spend all their energy on completing menial tasks and planning for the future. Often, when the enterprise is still small, there is no staff to help out. In the beginning, everything is done by the business owner.

That must be why, in one survey, 30% of small business owners in the United Kingdom have reported experiencing a health scare. The majority of them (72%) admitted that they worry about the negative health impacts of their (or lack of) work-life balance.

When a good business opportunity arises, an entrepreneur should immediately seize it. They need to work hard and make sacrifices along the way, but not to the expense of their own well-being.

If you are a busy business owner, these tips can help you take better care of yourself:

Have You Heard of Meal Prep?

A couple of years ago, the term “meal prep” was everywhere. It is the solution to healthy eating for people who are too busy to think about or cook their own meals.

Basically, you make your meals for the entire week in one day. Then, you place it in your refrigerator, take it out when you need to eat, and pop it into the microwave to heat it. The idea is, you only labor for a few hours during the weekend instead of making your own meals every day. It is easy, convenient, and, most importantly, healthier. You get to decide what you want to eat during the week.

Unfortunately, when people are stressed, they tend to reach for unhealthy snacks. Pizza can be ordered online and delivered to your office or home. Although not good for you, it is quick and it satisfies the cravings.

When you meal prep, however, you have a refrigerator full of ready-to-consume food. All you need to do is heat it up and eat.

Always Carry a Water Jug

When you are busy, you may ignore your basic needs. You may not notice that you are or thirsty until you are absolutely parched. As a result, you may get headaches and may start to feel weak.

To remind yourself to keep hydrated, place a tumbler or glass of water where you are most likely to see it. For example, if you work mostly in your office desk, you should always have drinking water beside you. You can easily reach out to it and drink regularly.

If you go around from place to place, carry your water bottle with you. Having quick access to drinking water will make you more likely to stay hydrated even if you have a lot of work to do,

However, do not substitute water with coffee. Your cup of joe contains water, but drinking it will make you pee which will only contribute to dehydration.

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Have Walking Meetings

When you do not really have time to exercise, the next best thing to do is find opportunities where you can insert a bit of physical activity into your routine. You can, for example, use the stairs instead of the elevator every morning when you go to work or at night when you leave for home. If you need to head to another location, you can use a bike instead of driving there. These physical activities may not be as effective as working out at a gym, but they add up and contribute to a healthier you.

You do not have to sit down in a room when you go to a meeting. If you are speaking with a client or a partner via phone, it is the perfect opportunity to stand up and take a walk. Plot your route beforehand so you are not walking into traffic. You can head to a nearby park or just walk around the office building. You can have a walking meeting with a colleague, but make sure to ask if they are okay with it.

Have a Work-Life Balance

A work-life balance means exactly what the name suggests. It is when you give time to work on your professional goals and time for leisure. Not a lot of business owners, unfortunately, have a healthy work-life balance. Because they are short on staff, they tend to give more of themselves to their venture. This meant that they do not have enough time to relax or bond with family and friends.

Balancing work and life would not be easy, but it is possible. You should learn how to better delegate tasks to your team and, if you feel overwhelmed, ask for help from family and friends. Your loved ones will be willing to offer a helping hand at any time.

It would also help to schedule a time for relaxation. If you are working more than eight hours a day, make sure to schedule the weekend as a time for your hobbies or for vacations.

A work-life balance is important to both your physical and mental well-being. When you are healthy, you can give your 100% in everything you do. Remember that your well-being is important to the future of the business, too, because, without you, the venture may not succeed.

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