How to Use Diabetic Test Strips

Do you know how to use a lancing device? The lancing device obtains a blood sample from the finger for the blood glucose meter. But before you use the lancing device, you must follow some important instructions. You must wash your hands with water and normal soap and dry them. Warming your hands gives the puncture site better blood flow, so it is easier to collect a sample. Rubbing your hands also helps with this.

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To load the lancing device is pretty simple. Start by twisting the cap off; then get a lancet that is yet to be used and pop it in so the grooves are in line. The next step is to twist the cap off so that the needle is visible. Be careful. Get the cap back on and twist it on. It should click, and that is it. the second tip is to use a new lancet. Each time you use your lancing device, the needle becomes dull, so it is going to hurt more, and you will be at risk of a skin infection.

The depth indicator adjusts how deep the lancet tip will go into your finger. For your glucose level, you must use the diabetic test strips. You need cash for diabetic test strips. But only get cash for diabetic test strips if you have a reputable vendor.


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