Destination Weddings: Say “I Do” at a French Chateau

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Research shows 25 per cent of marriages in the US is destination weddings. Forty per cent of American couples tie the knot in international locations. If you’re planning to get married abroad, a chateau wedding in France is ideal for a fairytale-like celebration. It is home to stunning wedding destinations you can rent exclusively for your special day.

Getting Married in France

As a romantic land, there are lots of reasons to get married in France. The country offers diverse locations, such as bucolic countrysides, vineyards or lavender fields and beautiful beaches, suitable for any wedding. But France is more popular for its exquisite chateau wedding venues, whether you want a big affair or an intimate celebration.

A French wedding wouldn’t be complete without the country’s delectable food and wines. Please your guests’ palate with a five-course menu with foie-gras, cheese and croquembouche, a traditional French wedding cake. Serve them with extensive wine choices and spirits, as well.

Getting married in France may also be more affordable than in the US. According to The Knot Worldwide’s 2019 Global Wedding Report, $29,200 is the national average cost of a wedding in America. In France, however, the average cost is $17,600, which could be because of the smaller average guest count. The US has an average guest count of 126, compared to 105 in France.

Your choice of venue and vendors will affect the cost of your wedding. But the number of guests has a major effect on your budget.

Preparing for a French Wedding

France acknowledges only a civil ceremony for a marriage to be legal. It happens at the council office. You can have a religious ceremony in your chosen destination once you had the civil ceremony. If you and your partner are not from France, it’s best to hold your civil ceremony in your home country to avoid going through the complicated paperwork.

Foreign couples should also acquire a Certificat de Coutume from the embassy. It makes your marriage valid both in France and in your home country. Other documents you may need include:

  • Passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Proof of address, nationality, and civil status
  • Notary’s certificate if you have a prenuptial agreement
  • Information about your witnesses

Planning a Chateau Wedding

Chateau Wedding

Rent a whole property to make the most of your French wedding. You and your guests will enjoy every moment of your big day. A chateau wedding could be easy to plan, and here are tips to guide you:

  • Find a venue to hold the ceremony and the reception – this is cost-efficient and convenient for you and your guests. The venue staff can help you organise the place according to the theme of your wedding.
  • Complement the luxurious interior of the venue – use vintage textile and ornate wallpaper as inspiration for your colour palette. You can also add local flowers to accent regal architecture, like a spiral staircase.
  • Check the weather beforehand – the weather is crucial, especially if you’re having an outdoor celebration. A Parisian wedding is ideal for warm months (June, July and August). Although the cooler months (September and October) are also popular, rainfall starts to increase at this time.

A fairytale-like wedding doesn’t have to be exclusive to a royal family. Various chateaux in France allow you to tie the knot like royals, too. Plan your French wedding as early as possible to ensure everything runs smoothly on your big day.

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