6 Funny Myths About Braces You Might Believe to Be True


Most teenagers hate braces for a number of reasons. They’re painful, they keep you from eating your favorite foods, and they make you look ugly. But there are many other reasons numerous teens don’t want to wear these things even if they’re going to fix their crooked teeth. Some of them are utter nonsense, although funny.

1. Braces will trigger metal detectors

Well, this one might have some merit since some braces are made of metal and metal detectors are supposed to detect metal. However, modern metal detectors, like the ones you see in airports, don’t set off at the sight of metal braces. They set off when they detect a different kind of metal that’s closer to the materials used in guns, knives, and other dangerous items.

So, if your teenager thinks that they will set off the alarm at the airport, tell them they’re being silly. They’re totally safe from any metal detector.

2. Braces will lock with each other in a kiss

It may have happened before, but these days, it’s impossible for your braces to get entangled with another’s. That’s because the materials that orthodontists use today are smaller and sleeker. Some even claim that their braces are so small and thin that they don’t feel it that much.


3. Braces will increase your chances of getting struck by lightning

Not true at all. Your metal braces are so small that it would be impossible for them to serve as a conductor for lightning.

4. Braces will keep you from playing sports

It’s not surprising to be afraid of taking up sports again when you’re wearing braces because you think that if you get hit by a ball on the mouth, the metal on your braces will pierce your skin instantly. But, as long as you wear a mouthguard, your gums will be fine.

5. Braces will keep you from playing the saxophone

It may take some getting used to because the extra stuff in your mouth will make it hard for you to pucker up and blow, but eventually, you’ll get the hang of it. Just keep practising after you’ve had your braces installed so that you can adjust the formation of your mouth as soon as possible.

6. Braces will block radio signals

You’ll only see this happen in Sci-Fi movies. In reality, though, it will never happen. The metal in your braces isn’t big enough to interrupt radio signals. So don’t worry, if you’re listening to the radio or calling someone via ham radio, you’ll be able to receive and transmit radio signals with ease.

No, your braces won’t fix your teeth permanently. You still need to wear retainers after your braces have been removed. But if you want to be noticed less for wearing something on your teeth, you can try clear teeth aligners or invisible retainers.

So, these are some of the silly myths that are still being perpetrated by people who hate braces. Don’t believe them or tell your teenage children not to believe in them if you all want to have better-looking teeth.

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