Stylish Globetrotter: Staying Fashionable When Traveling


Some people face this dilemma when traveling: stay comfortable but unstylish or be stylish yet uncomfortable. However, this is not a question of option, as you can always pick both style and comfort. Yes, it can be difficult to look your best when you lack sleep and your clothes are crumpled, but keep in mind that there is always a workaround. Some style mavens and veterans recommend keeping things simple and classic.

From travel magazines to African-American lifestyle magazines, many guides have proven that traveling in style and comfort is always possible. In case you don’t believe it, now is the time to convince yourself. Try out the following tips first and see for yourself.

Keep the fabric thin

Many stylish travelers swear by the comfort of thin fabric when traveling. This is essential, especially when you’re traveling in sunny countries, such as Singapore or Maldives. With that in mind, cotton and linen shirts always make great options. You can go for two ways here: stay on the slim-fit side or experiment with oversized shirts. If you want to look prim and proper, a flattering slim-fit shirt and pants will always do. But if you want to show your relaxed side, don’t hesitate to wear an oversized item. You can counterbalance a large shirt with a pair of slim-fit pants.

Be smart with your shoes

Being stylish does not always mean wearing dress shoes and high heels. Remember, comfort is your goal here, so opt for stylish classics. White sneakers will always be your best bets. Canvas sneakers, such as Superga, Jack Purcell, or Tretorn, are always worth trying. But if you want to stay on the classy side, you can go for smart loafers; you might want to try open heel loafers, as they’re easy to take off and are as comfy as sneakers.

Always bring a chic jacket

choosing clothes

Want to look dressy in an instant? Then always bring a layering piece. In this case, it is a smart jacket. It can be a navy blue blazer, which is a classic, or an overcoat that you can wear on top of your button-down in case nights get colder in your destination. Simpler choices, such as a shawl cardigan or a knitted pull-over, are also great ideas.

Be classy with your accessories

Who says you can’t play with accessories when traveling? You always can! For instance, a pair of statement sunglasses can easily add an attitude to your ensemble, especially when you’re walking out of the airport. You can also steal everyone’s attention with a stylish bag. And because easy access is mandatory during trips, a tote bag should be on your list. Just go for classy options, such as a full-grain leather tote.

Stay stylish. Stay comfy

Those who say that you can’t marry style and comfort while traveling probably have not tried mixing and matching items. It is always possible. You just need to pick the items that suit your personality and at the same time provide the ultimate comfort.

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