Your Time to Glow with Handpicked K-Beauty Secrets for Glass Skin

Good skin counts, but you can start with what you have and still attain the new ideal glass skin that everyone’s going crazy for. If you just heard about the term and is unsure of its meaning, then allow us to simplify it for you.

Glass skin is effortless, ultra-hydrated glow — a luminous and translucent look that radiates like a piece of glass. Before purchasing a horde of Korean skincare products online, you can teach yourself a few tricks of the trade like the following:

It doesn’t come easy

First, know that glass skin is the result of dedication and commitment. The average Korean woman you meet or see on TV may have been born with good skin, but that’s only half of it. Without a daily regimen tailored to her needs, a Korean beauty would not achieve the even-toned and healthy skin that turns heads and makes her stand out from a crowd.

You can have this coveted luminescence in time, but you must find it in yourself to invest time and resources so that you can post your own “before and after” Instagram photos and go viral yourself.

The standard regimen

How does one go to achieve the penultimate K-Beauty glow? There’s a bunch of multi-step instructions online and a long list of beauty products. If you don’t want to drown in too much information, you better learn about the core principles first.

What does an average Korean woman do to achieve the ideal glow? It starts with double cleaning. Yes, you read that right. Find a good makeup remover that does not dry your skin, then use a cleanser to take away the grime that has accumulated during the day.

It’s more complicated than you think since you have to find products that suit your skin type. For your information, double cleansing is necessary. It gets more complicated given the need to layer a gentle hydrating toner then following it up with a nourishing moisturizer. Moisture and hydration are key essentials, and you have to read product labels to check whether the active ingredients provide the level of hydration your skin requires.

Exfoliation and sheet mask

Woman putting sheet mask on face

This is another step that’s essential in achieving the K-Beauty glow, although it’s not necessarily a daily addition.

Exfoliating thrice a week is highly recommended by glass skin experts. Regular exfoliation must be accomplished without risking skin irritation. Facial scrubs may be too aggressive for your skin type, so you might have to consult a dermatologist.

Make sure you have ample stock of sheet mask, as well. Like exfoliation, you do not need to apply the mask every day, but do so once or twice a week.

It’s possible to showcase glass skin to the world like your favorite Korean stars and Instagram influencers. However, you must learn about your skin’s particular needs, and find the products that are suitable. Moreover, eat healthily, get physical, and get your beauty sleep every night. Good skin comes hand in hand with good health. A K-Beauty regimen will only work wonders if you take good care of your body, heart, mind and soul as well.

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