Challenges Women Face When Going on a Solo Trip

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Travel experts urge everyone to experience solo travel at least once in a lifetime. It is only when one embraces traveling without a companion can one realizes how liberating it can be. But then, even the most experienced traveler can have fears when traveling alone.

Female travelers, for instance, can’t shake off their fear about their safety when not having a travel buddy to depend on. Imagine being in a place away from home, not knowing everyone, and exploring the area. Since anything can happen, one’s fear can stop them from even thinking about leaving for a solo trip.

But like everything else, nothing is perfect. While solo travel has amazing perks, there are also certain downsides. The good news is, there are things you can do to deal with the challenges that come with female solo travel.

Safety and Security on the Road

Safety is the major concern of female travelers. Even the most peaceful travel destinations can have bad guys lurking around the corner. There’s the fact that female travelers are already a target of many travel crimes and scams only makes a female going solo a more vulnerable victim.

Thankfully, expert solo travelers are ready to share their solo travel hacks that can improve your safety on the road. Numerous solo travel guides make excellent advice for females. But one tip that stands out is having a deterrent ring do the talking.

Some female travelers are pretending to be married is one good way to stop men from targeting them. Even a braided diamond engagement ring and a dupe wedding band can be enough demotivators to ward off the bad guys. This makes other people think you are traveling with your spouse and that they are better off annoying other female travelers.

While it is generally advisable not to wear flashy accessories when traveling, you have other options available to keep yourself low-key. Other couples are into silicone rings to secure their real bands at home. Since most people are so respectful of married women, you are increasing your chances of being left alone if your goal is to have a peaceful trip.

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Many women are not into solo travel simply because they don’t want to be traveling alone. They feel lonely for not having a travel companion. They have no one to split the responsibilities of deciding when, where, and how to go to the destination, what to eat, or what to do next.

If you are one that easily feels lonely when alone, know that there are ways you can handle loneliness during solo travels. For one, you can consider sharing the room with other people, be it another solo traveler or other groups. If you are choosing a hostel, look for dorm rooms, choose the last spot and you are guaranteed to have companions.

You can search for local events where you can easily meet new people, and engage in social activities you are interested in. Join tours and start a conversation with other travelers. You can also consider meet-up apps if you get stuck on the road or look for a volunteer group you can join while you are in the area.

Making All the Decisions

Another thing many solo travels don’t like is making all the decisions. Some people are not fond of making all planning, decision-making, and budgeting. But since solo travel makes you in charge of all these, it is time you step up and try at least for once to be the only decision-maker when traveling.

The best thing about a solo trip is you never need anyone else’s consent before making a decision. Embrace this and make the most out of the trip. With no one else making the decision for you, you get to enjoy the trip and spend however you want your travel to end up.

But if solo travel anxiety kicks in, you can always turn to a loved one to help you decide. You can phone a friend or call a family member with similar likes and dislikes running a decision for you. They can give you better peace of mind and even give you pieces of timely advice as needed.

Language Barrier

Many women want to travel to another country but the language barrier often stops them from booking a flight. Some are intimidated by the universal language. There are also others who are very shy to approach other people and ask for help.

New places, big cities, a whole new language, and shyness can get in the way of a fun solo trip.  Know that you can balance the chaos by coming out of your shell and trying to socialize more with the locals. If you have time, learn their local language and if not, don’t be afraid to use the universal language and ask for help.

Solo traveling can be intimidating as it is. But for women, it is twice as hard. Thankfully, there are ways to deal with the challenges of traveling solo. Even if you think a solo trip is not something you are interested in, it is worth experiencing even once in a lifetime.

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