What It’s Like to Be a Wedding Planner

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Everyone has probably seen a few movies revolving around wedding planners and their tasks to help the bride with the tasks involved in the wedding preparation. Although they all seem to carry themselves quite well despite several problems, the work of a wedding planner is never easy.

Planning a wedding involves various tasks, such as hiring reliable vendors and getting the right venue. Wedding planners must also worry about the officiating person, the bridal stylists, the guests, the decorations, and the entourage. That’s why couples are often anxious about the entire event.

It’s more than planning the decor

Couples often mistake the job of a wedding planner as merely designing and planning. Some experts say there’s more to their task than just that. They believe that a successful wedding needs to be more than be pretty. Planners need to ensure that the entire event will run on time. They try to fix problems even when they haven’t started yet.

They also need to manage even the simplest situations, from adjusting the room temperature to functioning as the mediator. They take on the task of ensuring that everything will go smoothly as everyone enjoys the occasion.

The planners’ role starts with planning and helping the couple make their dream wedding a reality. They need to be there throughout the entire process so that they can manage every aspect of the event.

It requires a team to do the job

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Working with a full-service wedding planner doesn’t mean he or she does everything alone. Planners usually work with a team whose job is to check on each aspect of the wedding on a detailed approach. Each individual in the group has his or her purpose. Each member also acts as a point person during the entire planning process.

The wedding planner also works with onsite producers to create decors or design the areas for the event. These producers will be around the venue until the celebration is complete.

Other tasks of the wedding planner

Planning a wedding can take between 250 to 400 hours, depending on how extensive the couples want their wedding to be. For some planners, their services go beyond planning the logistics for your wedding. They conceptualize the entire look and feel of your wedding based on your vision. They ensure that you won’t go over your budget and would keep everything in check.

Your wedding planner in Seattle or any other location might even check meeting and event venues to see if they also cater to weddings. They also educate couples about the process and the costs of each part of the event.

These are some of the things that most wedding planners would do for couples that want to tie the knot. They will be with you throughout your most important moments during the event. That’s why it’s best to work with someone you can trust. It’s also advisable to be clear with your wedding planner about your plans. Doing so will make it easier for them to manage your expectations as well as your budget.

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